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MotorGP Rivals Reflect on Jorge Martin’s Costly Crash: A Delicate Balance at German MotoGP



Competitors dissect Jorge Martin's tumble: 'Losing two tenths might be wiser,' 'It's a gamble entering that corner'

Luca Marini, Jack Miller, and Maverick Vinales share their thoughts on Jorge Martin's significant fall while leading at the German MotoGP.

Jorge Martin was at a loss to describe his crash on the second-last lap while leading Sunday's German MotoGP race, stating he preferred to review the data calmly before making any statements. However, some of his competitors were queried for their perspectives on the incident.

Luca Marini of Repsol Honda mentioned that he had only caught a glimpse of the event through a television replay, specifically from the perspective of a helicopter shot, which implied:

According to, Marini believes that he applied the brakes significantly past the white line, which serves as the braking marker for the first turn.

In my view, he realized he had gone slightly too far during the braking phase, evidenced by his action of stretching his right leg out wide, before pulling it back in.

"I believe he was hesitant about bringing the bike indoors, yet he might have responded, 'Alright, I'll give it a shot'."

"Perhaps it's wiser to sacrifice two-tenths and opt for a wider approach, rather than jeopardizing the lead in the championship."

"Unfortunately for him, yet it works out in Pecco's favor."

KTM's Jack Miller emphasized the challenging characteristics of the fluctuating braking area at Turn 1.

"Miller described the situation, saying you attempt to halt it, but just when things reach their peak importance, the path disappears beneath you."

Occasionally, when you take a risk by braking late as you enter, you might feel confident thinking, 'I've nailed it', but then you approach the edge and realize that the front is about to lift off at that moment.

He mentioned experiencing this several times during the race, where he was almost at the point of giving up. "You're faced with a decision; either you start to give up, or you fully dedicate yourself to it," he elaborated.

"It seems like you never truly utilize your full braking capacity there. Clearly, there's always a slight buffer, especially with the incline just as you apply the brakes, and then it diminishes once more at the corner's peak."

"According to Aprilia's Maverick Vinales, the duel for victory between Martin and Francesco Bagnaia was intensely competitive. He observed that the lap times just before the final stretch were nearing 1 minute and 20 seconds, indicating a remarkably quick pace towards the race's conclusion."

"The first corner can be quite challenging… This morning, I experienced it firsthand. I managed to slow down the bike effectively, but as soon as I applied the throttle, it was right at the peak. It requires a lot of caution."

Martin's third tumble during a race this season led to him losing the lead in the world championship to Bagnaia.

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