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VW’s ID.4 Steers into 2025 with ChatGPT Integration: A Gimmick or the Future of In-Car Assistance?



Volkswagen has announced that its updated range of VW ID.4 electric vehicles will continue into the new model year with little to no alterations. Additionally, the majority of models will now come equipped with the ChatGPT-powered voice assistant, which was introduced to the ID.4 in 2024. The reasons behind this decision are unclear.

Similar to the models released at the beginning of this year, most of the 2025 Volkswagen ID.4 series features a more powerful permanent-magnet motor at the back, delivering 282 horsepower for the single-motor rear-wheel-drive variant, and 335 horsepower for the all-wheel-drive variant which has an additional smaller induction motor upfront. Volkswagen has also increased the ID.4's EPA range estimates to 263 miles for the all-wheel-drive models and up to 291 miles for the rear-wheel-drive models, each equipped with the bigger 82-kWh battery pack, of which 77 kWh is usable.

The entry-level ID.4 Standard model comes equipped with a 62-kwh battery, of which 58 kwh is usable, and is available exclusively with rear-wheel drive. It maintains the use of the 201-horsepower rear motor that was previously standard across the board. However, looking ahead to 2025, this model, along with the rest of the series, will feature a new 12.9-inch infotainment system with a redesigned user interface. Based on our initial experience with the 2024 VW ID.4, this update appears to rectify most of the original system's usability issues. While it continues to support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, it also introduces enhanced processing capabilities that eliminate previous delays, offers a set of quick-access shortcuts, and includes persistent climate control displays at the screen's base. Additionally, the accompanying haptic sliders now have backlighting and have been optimized to respond without delay.

Upcoming 2024 model of the Volkswagen

Upcoming 2024 model of the Volkswagen

2024 model of the Volkswagen ID.4

Volkswagen has kept the ChatGPT-integrated features introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, although it's been difficult to determine VW's actions with AI's assistance. At the launch, the company highlighted that drivers wouldn't experience any disruption. They wouldn't have to set up a new account, download additional software, or enable ChatGPT specifically. The company outlined that if the in-built Volkswagen system can't address a query, it would be sent to AI without revealing the user's identity, and the answer would be delivered in the usual Volkswagen voice.

Volkswagen has made it clear, and it's a relief to know, that neither ChatGPT nor their integration ally Cerence have access to the car's data, and all interactions are "promptly erased to guarantee maximum data security." When Volkswagen announced this new voice assistant, they claimed it could handle questions of general knowledge. However, during a demonstration at CES, Green Car Reports discovered that it was no more convenient than a typical Google search, nor did it display more expertise than Siri, which is quite telling.

Upcoming 2024 model of the Volkswagen

The 2024 model of the Volkswagen ID

2024 model of the Volkswagen ID.4

By 2025, Volkswagen's latest assistant feature won't be exclusive to the ID.4 model. Although Volkswagen hasn't provided a detailed list of all the models that will be equipped with this technology, they have indicated that it will be available in the majority of their vehicles by that year.

It may be unclear at the moment what exactly ChatGPT's role is, but one thing is certain – it's here to stay. Volkswagen has announced that they are in the process of creating a new system for an advanced in-vehicle assistant, which will utilize a vast language model and integrate artificial intelligence.

Volkswagen has not specified when the 2025 ID.4 will hit the market, but has confirmed it will be available in seven different versions. The cost of the 2024 ID.4 has seen an increase from the 2023 model, with starting prices of $41,160 for the version with the smaller battery and $46,300 for the one with the larger battery. Every model will still qualify for the maximum $7,500 federal EV tax incentive. Since there's no anticipated change in the vehicle's production location in Tennessee or its battery supply meeting trade requirements, it's likely that the 2025 ID.4 will also be eligible for this tax credit.



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