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Quad-Motor Power and Off-Road Prowess: The 2025 Mercedes-Benz G 580 with EQ Technology Takes Electrification Off the Beaten Path



Analysis: The 2025 Mercedes-Benz G-Class amps up its game with a quad-motor system

This powerhouse features a robust 579 horsepower and boasts a lineage of off-road prowess surpassing that of the Rivian R1S, GMC Hummer EV, and Tesla Cybertruck. Mercedes-Benz is set to elevate the off-roading experience with its electric, military-inspired G-Class, outperforming its US counterparts in unpaved terrains, all while running on electric power.

The G-Class electric model serves as a key indicator for a company that had pledged to transition entirely to electric vehicles, yet has currently decided to continue offering internal combustion engine models well into the 2030s. Initially, the shift in strategy suggested that an electric version of the G-Class might not be produced. However, its existence could strongly support Mercedes' case that electric power can be appropriate for all vehicle categories.

During a press event in late April, just before we got behind the wheel, Mercedes' VP of Marketing, Bettina Fetzer, remarked to Green Car Reports and other media representatives, "If the G is capable of transitioning to electric, then the potential exists for any vehicle to make the switch to electric."

Switching to an electric model doesn't simply modernize the G-Class. In fact, it enhances its off-road capabilities, which became evident to me when I had the opportunity to test drive the new G 580 equipped with EQ Technology in the southwest of France recently. The electric version isn't just proficient; in several respects, it's the most proficient G-Class to date.

2025 Model of Mercedes-Benz G 580 Featuring EQ Technology

2025 Model of Mercedes-Benz G 580 equipped with EQ Technology

G-Class EQ: Power Housed in the Base

The all-electric G model retains its classic ladder-frame design, but swaps out the traditional internal combustion engine for a hefty 116-kWh lithium-ion battery positioned within the base of the vehicle. Enclosed in a sturdy, non-flexible shell, the battery unit is melded with the structure and is shielded by a robust metal guard doubling as a skid plate. This battery is segmented into 216 individual cells, organized into 12 clusters over two tiers, and is kept cool by a trio of cooling circuits. There is no word yet on whether this model will incorporate the silicon-anode battery technology that Mercedes has highlighted for its rapid charging capabilities.

The G 580 EQ is equipped with four motors, each capable of producing up to 108">kilowatts, resulting in a combined output of 579 horsepower and 859 pound-feet of torque. Every motor is paired with its own gearbox, which allows for a special low-range function for navigating rough terrain, eliminating the necessity for the mechanical locking differentials found in its petrol-fueled counterpart. Mercedes claims this vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in just 4.7 seconds, with a maximum velocity of 112 mph. Inside, the vehicle enhances the driving experience with G-Roar, a sound system that emits various driving noises depending on the mode or action, which is more discernible to those outside than to the occupants surrounded by the luxury of a leather-clad interior.

2025 Mercedes-Benz G 580 SUV equipped with EQ Technology for electric operation

A heavy-duty vehicle like the G 580, tipping the scales at 6,800 pounds with its brick-like aerodynamics, is naturally expected to fall short in terms of driving range. Predictably, the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) projected driving distance for this model hovers around the 240-mile mark. This vehicle is equipped with a Combined Charging System (CCS) port and is set to embrace the North American Charging Standard (NACS) soon. Mercedes claims that with a 200-kilowatt charger, the battery can be powered up from 20% to 80% in just slightly over 30 minutes. While the manufacturer has committed to exploring the development of off-road charging infrastructures with its associates, it also highlights that off-road driving itself can contribute to the battery's charge through regenerative processes. However, this point seems to overlook the G-Class' popularity as a status symbol in urban settings within the American market, rather than as an off-road utility vehicle.

The recovery process is managed by the G 580's paddle controls. In auto mode, the system selects the appropriate regenerative">king levels by analyzing the turning angle, speed, and other variables; D+ mode disengages the front motor, allowing the vehicle to coast frequently for optimal efficiency. The settings Normal, D-, and D– increase regenerative braking. However, the G 580 is unable to come to a complete stop simply by lifting off the accelerator; it falls just short of being able to be driven with one pedal. This was evident during a peaceful road test before I evaluated the electric G-Class's performance on off-road terrain involving dirt and mud.

2025 Model of Mercedes-Benz G 580 Equipped with EQ Technology

Mercedes-Benz G 580 model for the year 2025, equipped

Electrified G-Class: Also excels on regular roads

Traversing a series of routes encircling premier terrain for off-roading close to Narbonne, France, I took the wheel of the revamped G-Class with its slightly updated exterior. Minor modifications like a new bumper trim and a tiny spoiler above the windshield are the extent of its outer alterations during its makeover.

The suspension has received slight enhancements, incorporating front double-wishbone arms and a DeDion rear axle, a design choice to accommodate the rear motor. The vehicle still uses hydraulic-assist brakes and rolls on 265/60R18 tires. When operating in the standard driving settings, the G-EV requires 44.6 feet to complete a U-turn, which is typical for an SUV.

The G 580 comes equipped with a large battery that shifts its weight towards the bottom of the car, enhancing its stability. This steadiness is maintained despite lacking the electrohydraulic suspension found in the AMG model that runs on gasoline, thanks to its adaptive dampers which absorb most of the vibrations from different types of roads. The engine's powerful thrust combined with its manufactured "G-Roar" audio entices one to drive faster, yet despite the effective shock absorption, the G-Class is not really designed for aggressive driving.

The vehicle's deceleration is nearly as impressive as its acceleration. It utilizes a system that assesses data on the car's speed and the angle at which it's turning to determine the appropriate amount of energy to send back to the battery pack, at least when in Auto mode. As you switch through Normal, D-, and D– modes, the car increases regenerative braking up to a point just shy of allowing complete one-pedal control. Conversely, by using the paddle shifters, you can enter D+ mode, which significantly reduces regenerative braking, allowing the car to coast.

2025 Mercedes-Benz G 580 featuring EQ Technology as an electric SUV.

2025 Mercedes-Benz G 580 featuring EQ Technology as an electric SUV

2025-model Mercedes-Benz G 580 featuring EQ Technology as an electric SUV.

The G 580 equipped with EQ proves to be robust against grime. However, its true prowess is evident on rugged terrains. As I ventured towards a treacherous stretch of about twelve kilometers, consisting of stony inclines, sludgy ditches, and unadulterated muck, with the breeze flowing in through the open windows, the G 580 effortlessly maneuvered through a riverbed that had swelled to 2 feet due to recent rainfall, its progress marked only by the sound of water churning. This model demonstrates superior water-crossing capabilities compared to the regular G-Class, with an impressive fording depth of 33 inches against the latter's approximate 26 inches.

It exhibits improved capability in navigating uneven terrain. Possessing a minimum ground clearance of 9.8 inches, it slightly surpasses the petrol-fueled G model. Additionally, it boasts an impressive breakover angle of 20.3 degrees, an approach angle of 32 degrees, and a departure angle of 30.7 degrees. Equipped with a carbon-reinforced underbody shield, the G 580 effortlessly traversed rocky outcroppings, with the supportive guidance of my driving partner. This model has undergone rigorous testing on the same Schöckl mountain trails as its standard G-Class counterpart.

2025 Model of Mercedes-Benz G 580 Equipped with EQ Technology

The 2025 model of the Mercedes-Benz G 580 now comes equipped

Off-roading has become considerably easier thanks to the advent of technology like electronically controlled">king differentials and sophisticated traction systems. The electric G-Class takes this a step further by eliminating many of the traditional challenges associated with off-roading in a conservation-conscious way. It features an off-road cruise control that manages the vehicle's speed in a controlled manner across different terrains, allowing for travel at a safe 5 mph using precise motor management. This vehicle can be operated mainly using just the steering and paddle controls, without the need for locking differentials. During my experience, I hardly came across any significant wheel spin, likely due to the advanced motor control paired with well-selected off-road tires. The path appeared almost untouched after I passed through it.

Switching to its designated Trail setting allows for faster movement, however, I found myself mainly utilizing Rock mode during my off-road adventures. This activates the Low setting which utilizes the transmission linked to each motor to halve the gear ratio, capping the speed at roughly 53 mph.

2025 Mercedes-Benz G 580 featuring EQ Technology, an electric sports utility vehicle.

This feature transitions the G 580 EQ into two dynamic driving options. The G-Steering function activates four-wheel steering, enabling tighter turns on slippery surfaces and minimizing the likelihood of damaging the path for others during tight bends. Rivian had a comparable maneuver called the Tank Turn, but it was scrapped over worries for the environment. However, the GMC Hummer EV and its counterpart, the Sierra EV, offer the CrabWalk feature, which allows for angled movement. This particular function permits a greater range of steering and effortlessly navigated the G 580 through a tight space flanked by a rock and a hard spot without any issues. Such maneuverability is impossible for traditional gas-powered SUVs due to their design limitations.

The G-Turn feature truly showcases the electric platform's capabilities, turning it into the ultimate show-off move. By fully turning the steering wheel, engaging the steering-column paddle, and slamming the accelerator in Rock and Low modes, the truck can whirl around twice in succession, reminiscent of a skid loader on full throttle. Mercedes restricts this feature to even, low-traction surfaces and advises drivers to execute the maneuver only in appropriate and allowed locations. If these conditions are met, the experience is unforgettable, much like being in a luxurious, spinning laundry dryer, but without the heat and clamor. Indeed, it's a flashy trick, but it serves to highlight the electric G's prowess as its internal combustion engine counterparts slowly fade into oblivion.

The 2025 model of the Mercedes-Benz G 580, equipped with EQ Technology,

2025 model of the Mercedes-Benz G 580, now featuring EQ Technology, is an

G-Class featuring EQ Tech: Seems Accurate

The G-Class EQ is almost identical in design to the 2024 ICE G-Class model, except it's about seven inches more compact. It features a black panel "grille," an elevated hood, rear fender flares that serve as air channels, and a spoiler on the back of the roof.

Spanning a wheelbase of 113.8 inches, this G EQ model measures 182 inches in length, 76 inches in width, and stands 78.2 inches tall. It's equipped with a host of electronic features in addition to standard amenities such as power functions, open-grain wood, leather detailing, and mood lighting. The vehicle boasts a dual 12.3-inch display setup, one serving as a digital instrument cluster and the other as a touch-operated center for infotainment, both compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It comes with an array of safety technologies like an adaptive cruise control system, a lane-keeping assistant, a steering aid with a blind-spot alert, and a self-parking feature. An optional 360-degree camera system provides comprehensive views, making maneuvering in tight spaces easier. Optional extras include a high-quality Burmester audio system, a pair of 11.6-inch screens for rear passengers, a dashboard camera, and a cordless charging station. Additional customization options feature 20-inch rims, side steps, and a lighting package for the star emblem, model designation, and the EQ insignia.

2025 Model of the Mercedes-Benz G 580 Equipped with EQ Technology

2025 Model of Mercedes-Benz G-Class 580 featuring EQ Technology

2025 Mercedes-Benz G 580 equipped with EQ Technology

The all-electric version of the G-Class is expected to hit the showrooms towards the end of the year. While the pricing details haven't been released, anticipate a hefty price tag. The regular G 580 equipped with EQ Technology is priced upwards of 150,000 dollars, with the Edition One surpassing the 200,000-dollar mark. If purchasing one isn't within reach, perhaps someone in your circle might acquire one – don't miss the chance to go for a drive, or better yet, two, whenever possible.

— UPDATE: The original preview has been transformed into a comprehensive article featuring lively evaluations of both the on-road and off-road capabilities of the G 580. Mercedes-Benz covered travel costs, enabling us to thoroughly test the vehicle's prowess and, in the process, put our New Balances through a muddy ordeal.




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