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Klein aber Fein: Der große Vergleich der Premium-Minis – Lexus LBX, Alfa Romeo Junior und Volvo EX30 im Test



Comparison: Lexus LBX vs. Alfa Romeo Junior vs. Volvo EX30

Which small premium SUV will emerge victorious in a field crowded with similar designs and philosophies?

The B-segment is becoming increasingly congested, particularly with SUVs. Three of the latest additions have spiced up this category by injecting a dose of luxury and a sprinkle of technological treats. We're talking about the Alfa Romeo Junior, the Lexus LBX, and the Volvo EX30 – the three contenders in this comparative showdown.

Dimensions and Appearance

At 4.17 meters in length, the Junior stands as the most compact option in the lineup of vehicles being compared. Its foundation is shared with the Fiat 600, the Jeep Avenger, and essentially the majority of the B-segment cars from the Stellantis group. This competitor boasts a notably distinct front end. Its curved sides are accentuated by a contrasting roof and a bold rear design featuring horizontal light strips set within a black band.

Alfa Romeo's Younger Model

Lexus LBX Model

Volvo's EX30 Model

At a length of 4.19 meters, the LBX is built on the same TNGA-B platform that the Toyota Yaris Cross utilizes. The front design prominently features the hourglass motif within the grille, complemented by the distinct LED headlights that are a hallmark of Japanese design aesthetics. The vehicle's profile is accentuated by a contrasting roof, which enhances the overall sleekness of the design. Additionally, the unique taillights contribute to the distinctive character of the Lexus.

The EX30 is characterized by its sharp, clean lines, which borrow the design language of its larger sibling, the EX90, and reshape it into a much more compact silhouette. At a length of 4.23 meters, the Volvo boasts a practical design aesthetic, featuring the brand's signature LED headlight pattern and smooth sides devoid of any pronounced creases or edges. The rear design is more intricate, with split taillights that converge in the center below the Volvo lettering on the tailgate and wrap around it.


Der Innenbereich des Alfa Romeo zeichnet sich durch seine einzigartige Kombination aus Charakter und fortschrittlicher Technik aus. Das Armaturenbrett präsentiert sich mit digitalen Anzeigen, die in einer ausfahrbaren Anordnung im Stil des klassischen Biscione-Symbols gehalten sind, einschließlich eines 10,25-Zoll-Bildschirms. Ergänzend dazu ist das Unterhaltungssystem mit einem weiteren 10,25-Zoll-Display ausgestattet, das in Fahrtrichtung geneigt und leicht abgesenkt ist. Eleganz wird durch die Anwendung von glänzenden schwarzen Zierleisten und Alcantara-Verkleidungen erreicht, die besonders bei den Sabelt-Sportsitzen zur Geltung kommen. Das Fahrzeug bietet zudem einen geräumigen Kofferraum mit einem Volumen von 400 Litern.

The atmosphere on board the LBX reflects the high quality that Lexus demands. Significant differences are evident when compared to the Yaris Cross, from which this SUV is derived: the upholstery materials are luxurious, incorporating suede and synthetic leather elements. The 9.8-inch screen merges seamlessly with the console, and there's an option to include a Mark Levinson sound system featuring 13 speakers. The cargo space varies significantly depending on the model selected: from 332 liters for the 2WD to 247 liters for the 4WD, with the maximum capacity ranging between 994 and 909 liters.

Alfa Romeo Model from Milan

Lexus LBX Model

Volvo's EX30 Model

The Volvo features a design that emphasizes simplicity and carefully chosen upholstery, with a focus on minimalistic elements. All the vehicle's controls are centralized on a single screen, a 12.3-inch infotainment display. It's powered by Google Automotive software, and its interface is similar to that of smartphones, making it exceptionally user-friendly. The trunk space is on the smaller side, offering a minimum capacity of 318 liters and a maximum of 904 liters when the back seats are folded down in a 60:40 split. However, there is an additional storage option – a 7-liter compartment located under the front hood, known as the frunk.


The Junior, LBX, and EX30 each have their own unique approach, particularly when it comes to the power units they use. The Alfa Romeo stands out as the only one among the trio to offer a 1.2 Turbo Mild Hybrid petrol engine, delivering 136 horsepower. Additionally, this Italian SUV is available in a fully electric model that produces 156 horsepower and is equipped with a 54 kWh battery. In the future, a Veloce version with 240 horsepower will be available, sharing its powertrain with the Abarth 600e and the Lancia Ypsilon HF. For the electric model with 156 horsepower, the stated driving range is 410 km according to the WLTP cycle.

The Lexus LBX stands out in this comparison as it is the only one that comes with a complete hybrid gasoline engine, specifically the 1.5 with 136 horsepower available in either front-wheel or all-wheel drive.

The EX30 is an all-electric vehicle available in two different models: the Single Motor version featuring a rear electric motor with 272 horsepower, and the Twin Motor Performance which boasts dual motors, four-wheel drive, and a total of 428 horsepower. Buyers can opt for either a 51 kWh or a 69 kWh battery pack, with the Single Motor Extended Range variant offering a maximum travel distance of up to 480 kilometers on a single charge. Particularly noteworthy is the rapid acceleration capability of the more powerful EX30, which can go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds.

1.2-liter Mild Hybrid Gasoline Engine with 136 Horsepower

54 kilowatt-hours,

54 kilowatt-hours,

1.5-liter full hybrid, 136 horsepower

Energy capacity of 51 kilow

69 kilowatt-hours,

Energy consumption of 69 kilow


The cost for the Junior model starts at €29,500 for the 136 horsepower mild-hybrid version and goes up to €39,500 for the 156 horsepower electric motor option. As for the Lexus LBX, prices vary from €32,990 for the two-wheel drive to €46,190 for the high-end Cool four-wheel drive.

The starting price for the Volvo EX30 is €35,490 for the basic Single Motor Core model, with the price climbing to €50,090 for the high-end Twin Motor Performance AWD Ultra version.

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