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Fiat Unveils Grande Panda 2024: A Global Platform Marvel with a Nod to Citroën C3 and Italian Flair



The Fiat Grande Panda (2024): First Official Images Revealed

It utilizes a global platform and bears resemblance to the new Citroën C3

It's hardly a revelation: Fiat has been hinting for some time about the development of a new Panda variant. In February 2024, Fiat's CEO Olivier Francois presented a concept that has remarkably made a significant transition into production. Now, we have the first visuals and the official name: Introducing the Grande Panda.

Fiat is setting the new model distinctly apart from the current Panda, which will continue to be produced as a combustion engine vehicle at least until 2026. The name "Grande Panda" is a nod to the Grande Punto from 2005, which was also briefly manufactured alongside its predecessor.

Photo Gallery: Fiat Grande Panda (2024)

The Fiat Grande Panda marks the debut of a new series of models, with a fresh vehicle slated to launch annually until 2027. Crafted for international markets, it's built upon the STLA Smart platform, accommodating various propulsion systems. Its deployment will kick off across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Fiat now has the chance to create car models tailored to the unique needs of customers globally. Initially, the Fiat Grande Panda will be available with electric propulsion and hybrid technology.

Crafted in Italy for a global audience, the Fiat Grande Panda takes shape at the Centro Stile in Turin and fits into the B-segment with its 3.99-meter length. This new five-door model bears a resemblance to the 4.01-meter Citroën C3, and it's expected that the Grande Panda will inherit the C3's competitive pricing and powertrains. This means potential options include a purely electric motor with 113 horsepower and a 136-horsepower mild hybrid petrol engine. It remains to be seen if the C3's base 101 horsepower petrol engine will be offered at a later stage.

Upcoming Fiat Grande Panda Model Year 2024

Upcoming 2024 Model of the Citroën C3

The bodywork of the Grande Panda stands out quite impressively, in our opinion, from the C3, incorporating design elements from its iconic predecessor. It showcases a typically Italian design that is both sturdy and well-defined. The mix of bold lines and solid shapes is further highlighted by the pronounced wheel arches.

The front section is notably distinctive: Right-angled lines envelop the square-shaped grille. The suggested skid plate emphasizes the rugged nature of the new Fiat Grande Panda. The daytime running lights feature a signature design of horizontal pixels arranged in a checkerboard pattern, reminiscent of the concept from February 2024.

Upcoming Fiat Grande Panda Model Set for 2024 Release

The design of the new Fiat Grande Panda pays tribute to its iconic 1980s predecessor, a nod that's accentuated by the addition of roof rails. Echoing the original Fiat Panda 4×4, the model features eye-catching three-dimensional PANDA lettering on the door panels. On the C-pillars, black square details with a 3D design cleverly change from displaying the FIAT name to revealing the brand's four-stripe logo, depending on the angle they're viewed from.

The 1980 model of the Fiat Panda

Panda Prototype Unveiled by Fiat (February 2024)

The rear design also stands out with its distinctive appearance. The proportion of window space to bodywork and bumper is intended to represent safety and robustness. The FIAT lettering on the trunk lid pays tribute to the classic Fiat Panda, and the design of the taillights may evoke memories of the iconic model for some.

The latest Fiat Grande Panda model features 17-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels. The unique X design on the wheels invokes 1980s geometric patterns while blending them with a modern, futuristic look.

Upcoming 2024 Fiat Grande Panda Model

The head of Fiat, Olivier Francois, who also serves as the Global Chief Marketing Officer for Stellantis, shared his thoughts: "To honor Fiat's 125 years of heritage, we are setting our sights forward. The introduction of the new Fiat Grande Panda marks the beginning of this journey. Crafted at the Fiat Style Center in Turin, the latest model retains the spirit of its predecessor. Built on a globally adaptable platform, it enables us to broaden Fiat's horizons.

With the Fiat Grande Panda, we embark on the shift towards universal, shared platforms that span across all global regions. The benefits that arise from this are passed on to our consumers. Ideal for families and city commuting in any country, the new model is a true Fiat through and through.

Additional offerings from Fiat:

The release date and cost of the Grande Panda remain uncertain at this point. Currently, Fiat only ambiguously mentions a launch in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Additionally, Fiat has not yet disclosed any images of the interior. It's expected that more details will be unveiled at Fiat's major anniversary celebration on July 11, 2024.

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