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Audi e-tron GT (2024) Unleashed: Up to 925 HP, Quicker Charging, and Advanced Chassis Upgrades for the Exquisite Taycan Sibling



The 2024 Audi e-tron GT makes its debut with an impressive 925 horsepower

Featuring increased range, faster charging capabilities, and advanced super-suspension systems, the handsome Taycan sibling is set to impress.

Despite its exterior not revealing much, this model undergoes one of the most significant updates in recent times. Audi even refers to it as the "new" e-tron GT. Having been on the market for around three years, the electric beauty hasn't been as popular in sales compared to the Porsche Taycan (selling approximately 2,000 units against 40,000 in 2023). However, the GT is now receiving extensive enhancements in terms of performance, battery life, charging power, and suspension systems.

Inside the car, there's been a significant revamp, as there wasn't much scope for enhancements on the exterior. Additionally, there's a revised model lineup featuring the new S e-tron GT, RS e-tron GT, and RS e-tron GT Performance versions. We'll discuss how the folks from Ingolstadt plan to boost the appeal of their electric flagship model.

Photo Gallery: Audi S e-tron GT (2024)


The power output across the new e-tron GT range has received a substantial boost. The base model S e-tron GT now delivers 500 kW (679 HP), the RS e-tron GT achieves up to 630 kW (863 HP), and the premier model, the RS e-tron GT Performance, reaches a peak of 680 kW (925 HP). However, these figures represent the maximum output for a 10-second burst courtesy of the boost function. In comparison, the previous peak outputs were 530 HP for the e-tron GT and 646 HP for the RS e-tron GT.

The performance capabilities are quite remarkable: The acceleration from 0-100 km/h can be achieved in as little as 3.4 seconds for the S e-tron GT, 2.8 seconds for the RS e-tron GT, and a swift 2.5 seconds for the RS e-tron GT Performance. As for top speeds, the base model can reach up to 245 km/h, while the other two versions can hit 250 km/h.

The boost in performance is credited to a slightly larger front-mounted permanent magnet synchronous motor yielding 176 kW (239 hp), enhanced power electronics, and an upgraded battery that can deliver more power. Additionally, the RS e-tron GT Performance benefits from an updated power electronics system featuring a revised pulse inverter that allows for even higher discharge currents.

The newly developed electric motor, situated at the rear axle and also designed as a permanent magnet synchronous machine, is uniformly sized for both the RS e-tron GT and the RS e-tron GT Performance models. Components such as the rotor are sourced from the Premium Platform Electric (PPE). Each electric motor delivers a power output of 415 kW (564 hp).

One major complaint about the current e-tron GT has been its lackluster actual driving range. In response, Audi has introduced a new battery with an increased net capacity from 83.7 to 97 kWh. The weight of the high-voltage battery has been reduced by 10 kg, now weighing 625 kg. Audi now promises a range of up to 609 kilometers.

Photo Gallery: Audi RS e-tron Performance (2024)

The capacity of the 33 cell modules, each containing 12 pouch cells with a flexible exterior, has been increased by about 12 percent thanks to an optimized two-layer cooling plate, among other improvements. The cell cooling system has also been modified. These adjustments, along with changes in materials, separators, and cell chemistry, have resulted in a greater energy density within the cells.

The recovery power has been boosted from 290 to 400 kW, and there's a notable increase in charging efficiency. The peak charging power has gone up from 270 to 320 kilowatts. Audi, along with the Taycan, refers to this as "best in class". As a result, the e-tron GT models can ideally charge from 10 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes. To ensure this optimal charging scenario occurs more frequently, the temperature range for peak charging has been significantly expanded.

Previously, a battery temperature of 35 degrees Celsius was required to achieve optimal charging. This meant that one might have to drive for about 45 minutes. However, now the 320 kW charging can be attained at temperatures ranging from 15 to 35 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the charging curve has become more consistent, allowing for sustained high charging rates for longer periods.

To give the occupants a clearer picture of the battery's status, a rather innovative display has been created that exhibits information such as temperature and the current feasible charging speed on the digital dashboard.

Driving Dynamics

Even though the e-tron GT is positioning itself apart from the Taycan, aiming to be more of a Grand Tourer, it now receives the two top-tier suspensions from Zuffenhausen, albeit with a slightly different tuning.

The foundation is now a novel dual-chamber, dual-valve air suspension system, which replaces the previous steel suspension. There is also an available option for a new active suspension system, often referred to as the "miracle suspension," a technology familiar from its use in the Taycan and Panamera models.

The suspension system maintains the vehicle's structure nearly level during dynamic activities such as braking, steering, and accelerating. During steady driving, it aims to neutralize the vehicle's body vibrations, especially those caused by uneven road surfaces. Additionally, the system includes a cornering inclination feature and a launch and comfort braking function that counteracts pitching and rolling motions to lessen the accelerations felt by passengers.

Photo Gallery: Audi RS e-tron (2024)

The comfort entry feature adds a touch of whimsy. Upon touching the door handle, the e-tron quickly lifts itself by 55 to 77 millimeters depending on the initial height. It then rapidly lowers back down once the door is closed. This little performance is likely to become a hit for countless Instagram and TikTok posts.

Ultimately, improvements have been made to the steering system as well. The optional four-wheel steering will soon feature a more direct steering ratio at the front axle. This reduces the turning circle by approximately 0.6 meters when maneuvering.


The emphasis was on creating a more distinct separation between the three models. It was evident, given the appealing initial design, that there was no need for extensive alterations. Below is a comparison of the previous e-tron GT and the updated S e-tron GT:

2024 Audi S e-tron GT

2021 Audi e-tron GT with 60 quattro feature

2024 Audi S e-tron GT

2021 Model of the Audi e-tron GT with a 60 quattro specification.

The Ingolstadt-based company aims to give the RS e-tron GT a more "radical" front-end design. At the rear, there is a substantial diffuser featuring a new, vertically-oriented reflector at its center.

The RS e-tron GT Performance stands out as the most powerful production Audi to date, identifiable by its optional matte and tinted carbon fiber roof. For the first time, it also offers (at an additional cost) components in the new Carbon Camouflage, which gives the impression of having sped through a massive puddle. However, one can opt for the standard body color or regular carbon fiber finishes if preferred. Pictured on the left is the RS e-tron GT, while on the right is the Performance model adorned with the mentioned Carbon Camouflage.

Audi RS e-tron (Scheduled for 2024)

Audi's High-Performance RS e-tron Model (2024)

Audi's 2024 RS e-tron Model

2024 Audi RS e-tron Performance Model


Inside, the team has revamped the seats, steering wheel, door sills, and digital features. The e-tron GT lineup now offers new birch wood inlays. The RS e-tron Performance model also presents the option of distinct Carbon Camouflage.

The latest steering wheel design embraces the current fashion of having a flattened shape at both its extremities. Moreover, it replaces – for whatever reason – actual buttons with capacitive touch areas, a choice that may baffle some. In the RS models, the steering wheel features two red control satellites and offers an optional top-center stripe.

The S e-tron GT comes standard with Sportsitze plus seats featuring 14-way adjustment. In the RS models, seats with a massage feature are available as an option. The performance model boasts a unique design package, highlighted by Serpentine green stitching that complements the new Bedford green exterior, and seats that offer an 18-way adjustment. Audi prides itself on incorporating various recycled materials in its vehicles.

Audi's high-performance RS e-tron model slated for 2024 release

Audi's RS e-tron Model Slated for 2024 Release

2024 Audi S e-tron GT

Upcoming Audi RS e-tron slated for release in 2024.

The new panoramic glass roof is quite the eye-catcher, featuring what is known as PDLC technology (polymer-dispersed liquid crystal) which allows it to switch from transparent to opaque. This electrically switchable glass incorporates two layers of PDLC film with the liquid crystal floating between them. When there's no electrical current, the crystals form a non-transparent layer. However, when electricity is applied, the crystals align themselves and the roof becomes clear. It can be controlled via the central screen and offers four different settings for the roof's appearance.

Launch and Pricing

The trio of fresh electric Audis are now available for order. Pricing kicks off at 126,000 euros for the S e-tron GT. The RS variant is priced from a minimum of 147,500 euros, with the inaugural electric RS performance version beginning at 160,500 euros.

Additional Audi Model Refreshes

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