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Turmoil Within Tories as Farage Forecasts ‘Warfare’ and Ex-Minister Urges Unity to Combat Labour’s Surge



Farage foresees 'conflict' within Conservative Party, as former Cabinet member urges consolidation of right-wing support

Following a major poll indicating the Conservatives might secure only 72 seats in the upcoming election, the leader of Reform UK has spoken out.

Sunday, June 16, 2024, 02:

Nigel Farage has forecasted imminent internal conflict within the Conservative Party, while an ex-Tory minister cautioned that voting for Reform could lead to a "Labour elective dictatorship."

The leader of Reform UK conveyed to The Sunday Telegraph that internal conflicts within the party are expected to intensify as the 4th of July election day approaches.

Mr. Farage commented amid reports from three surveys this week that depicted a grim outlook for Mr. Sunak, yet a favorable scenario for his party.

A survey conducted by Savanta for The Sunday Telegraph revealed a drop of four points in support for the Conservative Party, falling to just 21% – the lowest figure recorded by this pollster since the final period of Theresa May's leadership in early 2019.

In a positive development for Mr Farage, the survey indicated that Reform UK's support had increased by three points to 13% of the total votes.

Latest Election Update: Conservatives at Risk of Being Wiped Out Electorally, Pollster Claims

A different Survation survey conducted for Best for Britain and reported by The Sunday Times forecasted that the Conservatives would secure only 72 seats in the upcoming parliament, whereas Labour was projected to win 456 seats.

Further Discussion on Conservatives

During the election period, Labour cautions against complacency and likens returning power to former leaders to 'giving matches to arsonists'.

New survey forecasts only 72 parliamentary seats for Conservatives in upcoming election

General election: Minister acknowledges voter frustration over unfulfilled government commitments

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According to the outcome, the Labour Party would secure a majority of 262 seats, significantly exceeding the impressive victory Tony Blair led them to in 1997. Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats are expected to gain 56 seats, Reform UK could win seven, and the Green Party might capture one seat.

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At the beginning of the week, a YouGov survey showed Reform surpassing the Tories for the first time, capturing 19% of the vote while the Conservatives received 18%.

Mr. Farage, poised to unveil the Reform Party's manifesto this coming Monday, shared with the Sunday Telegraph his prediction, stating, "within a week, you watch… the Conservative Party will be embroiled in internal conflict similar to what occurred before the '97 election," alluding to the decisive victory Labour secured under Mr. Blair.

He compared the ongoing rifts within the Conservative Party, primarily about immigration, to the disagreements that occurred during the tenure of previous Conservative leader John Major regarding the adoption of the Euro.

"Leading up to 1997, John Major expressed uncertainty about adopting the Euro," he informed the newspaper.

"Proponents of adopting the Euro created their own platform and funded it independently. The result was a completely fragmented and divisive situation, and we can expect a similar scenario in the upcoming election. Just wait and see, it's on the horizon."

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"You'll notice that those Members of Parliament, with whom I generally share opinions, will begin to express their views more loudly and diverge from the party line. The divisions will deepen. To those MPs, my message is simple: 'Sorry folks, you're simply in the wrong party.'"

In a recent discussion with the same publication, former immigration minister Robert Jenrick, often mentioned as a potential future leader of the Conservative Party, expressed his empathy with the concerns of longtime Conservative supporters considering a switch to the Reform Party. However, he advised maintaining allegiance to Prime Minister Sunak's party to prevent a significant victory for the Labour Party.

"He expressed deep empathy for staunch Conservatives who are disappointed and tempted by the Reform movement," he stated.

"I not only empathize with their concerns, but I also share several of them.

"The taxes are excessively steep, the criminal justice system overly lenient, and the public services lack efficiency. My differences in opinion regarding immigration policy led to my departure from the cabinet."

Learn more: Conservative Party receives over £570,000 in donations in the first week of the election campaign. At the halfway point of the general election campaign, a solitary Sunak contends with challenges on multiple fronts.

He also mentioned, "However, casting a ballot for Reform essentially hands Labour a blank slate to revert our nation to the conditions of the 1970s."

"Electoral reform is not the solution. It will only lead to a government that raises taxes and allows more immigration. This will only undermine the conservative movement. The right will struggle to come together post-election without a significant parliamentary presence to rally behind.

"Our goal is to alert conservatives throughout the UK to this danger. By doing so, and by arguing that voting for the Conservative Party is the only way to stop the emergence of a disastrous single-party state on July 5, we can prevent a catastrophe."

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