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Miguel Oliveira Emerges as Prime Candidate for Pramac Yamaha Amidst Di Giannantonio’s VR46 Ducati Deal Speculations



Miguel Oliveira has the potential to be an excellent addition to the Pramac Yamaha team

"Miguel Oliveira has secured numerous race victories, indicating he could be a valuable asset for the Pramac initiative."

Fabio di Giannantonio's anticipated agreement with VR46 Ducati implies that he will no longer be considered for the leading position in Pramac Yamaha's MotoGP venture set for 2025.

Yamaha's leading rider, Fabio Quartararo, commended 'Diggia' as the Sachsenring weekend approached, highlighting the Italian and newcomers like Sergio Garcia or Alonso Lopez as his picks for the newly supported Pramac positions.

Expressing gratitude towards Quartararo for his remarks, di Giannantonio revealed he had multiple strategies for 2025, including Plans A, B, and C. It quickly emerged that Plan A involves staying with VR46, with the upgrade to a factory-spec motorcycle and a direct contract from Ducati.

"Definitely, the priority is to keep this project going," di Giannantonio expressed during the German MotoGP. "However, if for whatever reason we're unable to pursue this, or if the arrangement with this team isn't suitable, I've got alternative plans – Plan B, Plan C. But obviously, my main objective is to stay on [with VR46]. We'll be entering talks in the coming weeks."

Ducati's chief executive, Claudio Domenicali, revealed to Sky Italia that they are nearing a deal, stating, "We're big fans of Diggia, and we're collaborating with VR46 to achieve this objective. In my opinion, he has made significant progress, and we would be delighted to have him continue with us. Fortunately, we're almost there, which is positive."

Presuming the partnership between di Giannantonio and Ducati has been finalized, both Pramac and Yamaha are now in the position of needing to secure another experienced rider.

As of now, the following MotoGP champions have yet to secure official contracts for the 2025 season: Alex Rins, who boasts 6 victories, Miguel Oliveira with 5 wins, Jack Miller, a victor in 4 races, Franco Morbidelli, who has clinched 3 races, and Joan Mir, with a single win alongside a MotoGP championship title.

If Rins continues with the Yamaha factory team, it means Morbidelli will not make a comeback to an M1, and assuming Joan Mir secures his top-choice contract with Repsol Honda, the options then narrow down to either Oliveira or Miller.

Miller, previously associated with Pramac and maintaining an amicable relationship with the squad, saw Oliveira regain his competitive edge by securing a front-row position and achieving a Sprint podium with Trackhouse Aprilia during the German event.

Quartararo supports the Portuguese rider, stating, "He's among my closest friends in MotoGP. His performance is outstanding, particularly at Sachsenring. Plus, he's a rider with a lot of experience."

"He has already secured numerous race victories. Therefore, he could also significantly contribute to the Pramac initiative as a talented rider."

At the same time, the ex-KTM factory racer kept quiet about his upcoming intentions.

"Oliveira emphasized the importance of anticipating future needs in terms of resources compared to what's currently available, during his time at Sachsenring. He mentioned, 'At the moment, my focus is on making the most of this weekend before I start planning for what lies ahead.'"

When questioned about his rapid improvement in performance on the RS-GP24 in Germany, Oliveira, who also secured a sixth-place finish as the highest-ranked non-Ducati rider in the Grand Prix, responded:

"I believe everything is seamlessly coming together – the circuit, alongside our strategy this weekend to minimize adjustments to the bike, focusing instead on tuning the suspension and electronics. This has allowed me to fully leverage my riding technique."

"Furthermore, Aleix's absence from the race provides us with additional support, as we have more factory staff from Aprilia overseeing our operations. While it may not be the primary factor, it certainly offers a boost."

Oliveira has ascended to the 13th position in the global championship rankings, with Miller occupying the 16th spot for Red Bull KTM.

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