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Jorge Martin’s Sachsenring Slide: A Repeat Mistake That Hands Bagnaia Championship Lead



"Jorge Martin's frequent mishaps have become a recurring theme,"

This was the sentiment expressed on a podcast following Jorge Martin's significant crash during the race at Sachsenring, which resulted in him losing his position as the leader in the world championship.


This week's MotoGP podcast notably focused on Jorge Martin's unexpected tumble from the front of the pack at Sachsenring.

The Pramac Ducati competitor appeared poised to secure a second win against championship adversary Francesco Bagnaia, following up his success in the Sprint race with a victory in the grand prix.

However, the current world champion made a strong push in the final stages to close the gap to just half a second behind Martin, who subsequently suffered a crash at Turn 1 during the second-to-last lap.

The error not only robbed Martin of an opportunity to win but also propelled Bagnaia to the forefront of the world championship standings as the summer break commenced.

"Everything appeared to be unfolding perfectly for Jorge Martin," commented podcast presenter Jordan Moreland. "But in a mere moment, he found himself conceding the world championship top spot to Pecco Bagnaia."

"Indeed, it served as a premature wedding gift for Pecco," responded Pete McLaren, the MotoGP editor for "We were on the verge of witnessing an epic final lap showdown. Pecco had narrowed the gap to a mere half-second behind Martin, who then appeared to push too hard entering Turn 1.

The precise details of the incident remain unclear since Martin hasn't yet had an opportunity to analyze the data. However, the consensus among the majority of the riders is that it involves one of the pivotal turns. They believe that if you push too hard entering this curve, you're faced with a decision: either fully commit to the maneuver or straighten the bike out and veer off course.

Martin's actions finally caught up with him, marking the weekend by incidents at two key right-hand turns: the Turn 11 where Marc Marquez experienced a highside on Friday, and then the situation at Turn 1 involving Martin.

"The outcome was influenced by those instances, as Marc Marquez was the sole competitor capable of keeping pace with Pecco and Martin’s lap times towards the end. However, his starting position was significantly behind."

Pecco has now moved into the lead for the championship, though he's downplaying it, mentioning that a 10-point lead is almost negligible at this point. However, it really comes down to gaining momentum, doesn't it?

Martin's winning run in the Sprint was halted when his tactic of taking an early lead was cleverly executed. However, Pecco adapted to this approach and resisted the temptation to push too aggressively after the Pramac racers surpassed him a third into the Grand Prix.

"Bagnaia adhered to his strategy, and the tyre he conserved possibly enabled him to intensify the pressure on Martin towards the finale."

"Clearly, a significant setback for Martin, but it's not yet a decisive defeat at this point."

"Indeed, it comes at the most inopportune moment, doesn't it?" Moreland remarked. "Recall the Mugello incident when Martin was essentially ahead by a grand prix's worth of Sprint and Grand Prix points compared to Bagnaia, who has since managed to recover all of that ground.

"Securing the Sprint victory, it's disheartening for Martin to face this setback with only two laps remaining. That's the key point. If this had occurred 15 laps earlier, it might have been dismissed as a simple error. However, this late in the game, it's a hard pill for him to swallow, isn't it?"'s Superbike/MotoGP journalist Rob Jones responded, "Absolutely. It appeared that once Bagnaia narrowed the gap to roughly 7-8 tenths, the situation sort of leveled off, and while Martin didn't seem to be pushing to his maximum, he was clearly maintaining a very fast pace.

"Perhaps he was exerting a bit too much effort, and naturally, that error occurred. However, it seems we have witnessed this scenario far too often already."

"Last year in Indonesia, he was in top form, leading every lap and had taken over the championship lead on Saturday with his Sprint victory. However, a crash during the Grand Prix saw him hand the advantage back to Bagnaia."

"After taking a tumble from the front position at Jerez earlier in the year, he had been ahead for every lap. It appears he encounters these events where everything is managed perfectly, yet somehow, at the most pivotal times, he ends up erring.

"Whenever Martin has erred, Bagnaia has capitalized on all three occasions, seizing victory in each race. He consistently positions himself to make the most of these opportunities."

"Martin might be feeling the pressure because he's aware that Bagnaia is consistently on his tail, which could be contributing to why he's exerting himself so much. It's likely the reason he believes he needs to deliver flawless performances in every single lap of each race weekend to stand a chance at victory."

"It appears we're witnessing the emergence of weaknesses as he attempts to push the boundaries, resulting in a significant mistake. It's almost like we're resetting to square one in the championship standings, but I believe Bagnaia now senses he has an upper hand over Martin."

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