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Election Tensions Rise: Tory Minister Admits Voter Frustration Over Unkept Promises, Urges Caution Against Reform UK’s Rise



National vote: Minister acknowledges public frustration over unfulfilled government commitments

Johnny Mercer, describing the campaign as inconsistent, cautions voters about enabling Labour to gain "unchecked power" should they support Nigel Farage's Reform UK, a party challenging the Conservatives' dominance.

Saturday, June 15, 2024, at 3

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A Conservative minister has admitted that the public is "really annoyed" with the government's failure to consistently fulfill its commitments, acknowledging that the election has been "tough" following 14 years of governance.

In an interview with Sky News, Johnny Mercer acknowledged that the campaign experienced its highs and lows, yet he maintained that the poll results indicating the party was trailing did not match the feedback he received from voters directly.

He cautioned the electorate about the risks of empowering Labour without constraints if they supported Nigel Farage's Reform UK, especially after a survey showed his party slightly leading the Conservatives by one percentage point.

A recent YouGov poll conducted for The Times shows Reform UK polling at 19%, slightly ahead of the Conservatives at 18%.

Current updates on the general election

The minister for veterans and ex-military officer, who is striving for re-election in the Plymouth Moor View constituency in Devon, also challenged the results of an IPSOS poll showing that 60% of respondents would support increased taxes to fund the NHS.

He shared his thoughts while Rishi Sunak stayed off the campaign trail for yet another day, following his attendance at the G7 summit in Italy.

The prime and minister was scheduled to participate in the Trooping the Colour event, marking the King's official birthday, prior to flying out to Switzerland for a summit dedicated to peace in Ukraine.

Mr. Mercer conveyed to Sky News, "In Plymouth, it's rare to find even six out of ten individuals who are in favor of higher taxes."

"I hold all these surveys in regard. I value all the polls. But there's only one poll that truly counts on July 4th.

"I've discovered that rather than six out of 10 people wanting to increase their taxes, they actually prefer to reduce them."

They are advocating for improved public amenities. They recognize the difficulties facing the National Health Service.

"They are also aware that it has received unprecedented funding and has the highest number of doctors and nurses ever. However, we are facing a massive increase in demand, especially during the pandemic, which is extremely challenging."

He stated, "Naturally, there's frustration. Individuals are quite upset about the fact that we've made commitments and haven't consistently fulfilled them."

"It appears we have a significant task ahead to convey the extent of the prime minister's efforts and the complexities of governing.

"However, it seems that individuals prefer lower taxes. This election presents a distinct option, doesn't it?

"The Conservatives have made it clear that they plan to continue cutting taxes, while an incoming Labour government is evidently set to increase them."

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Mr. Mercer continued, "This election is challenging, isn't it? After being in power for 14 years, it was inevitable. Obviously, the campaign has had its highs and lows too."

Discover further on Sky News: At the election's halfway mark, a solitary Sunak contends with triple challenges. Insight: Poll interpretations and their predictions for election day outcomes.

He emphasized that the Tories had an "ambitious strategy," cautioning, "Casting your vote for Reform will result in a Labour government, granting them the freedom to radically transform this nation in ways that, in my view, do not reflect its inherently non-leftist nature."

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Mr. Mercer dismissed claims that the Tory label was detrimental, while justifying the lack of Conservative emblems in his campaign materials.

He stated: "It's clear from the leaflets that I belong to the Conservative Party, and it has always been common knowledge that I'm a member of the Conservative Party."

He stated, "It's blue… It features me discussing my governmental achievements. So, what part of it doesn't clearly show that I'm a member of the Conservative Party?"

"I believe the back reveals who I am supporting in the campaign."

In other news, Liz Kendall, Labour's Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, stood by her party's assertion that NHS waiting lists might swell to 10 million, despite a think tank dismissing the figure as "highly unlikely".

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In reaction to the critique from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, Ms. Kendall stated to Sky News, "We're indicating that with another five years under Conservative rule, there might be 10 million individuals enduring pain or feeling compelled to consider private treatment for their issues."

She described it as a "logical presumption" drawn from past occurrences under the Conservative leadership, suggesting that "if this pattern persists, as it has previously, it is probable we will witness the same outcomes."

The Conservatives have labeled the Labour criticism as mere "fearmongering."

In other news, Sir Ed Davey, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, is actively campaigning in Surrey, advancing his party's strategy to make inroads into the "blue wall," a term used to describe a group of traditionally Conservative strongholds in the south of England.

The other contenders for the Plymouth Moor View seat include:

Shaun Hooper represents Reform UK, Sarah Martin is with the Liberal Democrats, Georgia Nelson is from the Greens, and Fred Thomas is affiliated with the

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