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Christian Horner Unveils Strategic Flexibility in Sergio Perez’s New Red Bull Contract Amid Performance Concerns



Christian Horner discloses significant information regarding Sergio Perez’s updated Red Bull agreement

Christian Horner has shared important aspects of Sergio Perez's renewed Formula 1 contract with Red Bull.

Christian Horner has disclosed important aspects regarding Sergio Perez's fresh Formula 1 agreement with Red Bull.

Before the Canadian Grand Prix, Red Bull announced that they had chosen to retain Perez. The team confirmed that the Mexican driver had signed a contract extension for two more years, ensuring he will continue as Max Verstappen's teammate through to the conclusion of the 2026 season.

Red Bull's team boss Horner has revealed that Perez's contract is essentially a "1+1" agreement, indicating that Red Bull has the option to reconsider if Perez does not meet expectations.

During the weekend in Canada, Red Bull’s affiliated team, RB, disclosed that Yuki Tsunoda will remain with the Faenza-based squad for the 2025 season.

During an interview with Dutch broadcaster Viaplay in Montreal, Horner provided an explanation for the contracts.

“They are all drivers for Red Bull,” stated Horner.

"We've chosen to extend Checo's contract for another year. At the same time, we decided to take up the option on Yuki. He's performing excellently at RB right now. Therefore, he will remain with us for another year."

Horner elaborated on Perez’s agreement, stating: “It’s a two-year contract, as 1+1 equals 2.”

"Like any agreement, it contains numerous details, but those are confidential matters between the driver and the team."

Perez faced significant pressure to keep his position with Red Bull as the new season began, but he kicked off the campaign impressively.

Nevertheless, his recent decline in performance has sparked new doubts regarding his future.

Following Perez's second straight Q1 elimination and his crash during Sunday’s chaotic and rainy race in Montreal, Horner encouraged him to recover swiftly.

Christian Horner informed Sky Sports that Checo experienced a dreadful weekend and sustained some damage. He emphasized the need for Checo to make a strong comeback in Barcelona.

"Fortunately, Ferrari had a terrible performance and failed to earn any points, which relieved some of the pressure on us. However, we need both of our cars to be scoring. We were lucky today, but we need Checo to return to his strong form from the start of the year, starting from the Barcelona race."

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