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Shifting Gears: Which States Will Drive Alongside California’s 2024 EV Mandate?



Which regions will conform to California's electric vehicle directive by 2024?

Governor Glenn Youngkin declared last week that Virginia is abandoning the pursuit of California's more stringent vehicle emission regulations. This move reverses the state's course towards phasing out the sale of almost all new gasoline-powered vehicles by the year 2035.

Every state can choose to adopt California's emission regulations rather than the national guidelines, and Virginia enacted legislation to align with California in 2021. However, Governor Youngkin's decision to withdraw Virginia from the group adhering to California's emissions standards may face legal disputes, according to the Virginia Mercury as mentioned by Axios.

Governor Youngkin announced that based on an assessment by Attorney General Jason Miyares, current legislation does not obligate Virginia to comply with the newly established Advanced Clean Cars II (ACC II) standards. Consequently, Youngkin intends to switch Virginia back to national emissions regulations starting January 1, 2025.

Targets for sales of zero-emission vehicles under ACC II.

Virginia previously encountered obstacles with implementing the standards, but managed to uphold them until recently. The shift in power following the 2022 gubernatorial election probably had a substantial impact. Back in 2021, when the Democrats held sway over both the legislative and executive branches, the legislation aligning with California's electric vehicle mandate came into effect.

Under California's regulations, by 2026, at least 35% of newly sold vehicles must be fully electric or hybrids with plug-in capability, setting the stage for a transition to exclusively electric cars and light-duty trucks by 2035. This gradual increase, stipulated by the Advanced Clean Cars II rules, begins with a 17% mandate for 2023 models, climbing to 19.5% for 2024, and reaching 22% for vehicles released in 2025.

Currently, a total of thirteen states including Washington, Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, alongside Washington D.C., have implemented the electric vehicle requirements. This division creates two almost identical halves in terms of the American car market. Although Connecticut and Maine have postponed the enforcement of the electric vehicle segment of this mandate, they are anticipated to adhere to it in the future.

Upcoming 2024 model of the Audi Q8, named

Up until now, Nevada and Minnesota have been aligned with California’s regulations concerning emissions. However, at this stage, both states have yet to officially embrace the Advanced Clean Cars II regulations that include a requirement for electric vehicle sales.

Despite regulations, electric vehicle sales don't always align. In 2021, data revealed that out of the top five states for EV ownership, three had not implemented any mandates.

California has implemented a mandate for electric vehicle (EV) sales specifically for commercial trucks, which has not been widely embraced by other states. This regulation stipulates a gradual increase in EV sales beginning in 2024, with the goal of achieving exclusively electric truck sales by the year 2045.



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The Polestar 3 aims to excel in both efficiency and power, achieving notable success in the latter. Current governmental policies for fleets are showing more leniency towards trucks and SUVs than was initially planned. Virginia has decided to eliminate its requirement for electric vehicles. And what role is artificial intelligence playing in BMW's development of future electric vehicles? We're covering this and more here at Green Car Reports. The 2025 Polestar 3, which can accommodate five passengers, distinguishes itself with superior ride quality, handling, and overall construction compared to the Tesla Model Y Performance. However, considering its price is over $25,000 higher before Tesla's tax incentives are applied, it's expected to have these advantages. In an initial test drive of the Polestar 3, Green Car Reports also discovered some of the most comfortable seats available…

Polestar expertly strikes a harmony between the travel distance and the pleasure of driving in its upscale 3 EV SUV

Some of the design elements of the latest electric battery vehicle have been influenced by a contentious instrument, but is this evident and does it hold any significance?

We're taking a retrospective glance at the past week's happenings, specifically focusing on the safety of large, fuel-consuming SUVs and the sluggish progress of the government's $7.5 billion electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Join us for this week's recap at Green Car Reports, as we conclude the week of June 6, 2024, filled with in-depth explorations.

Could a fresh surge in electric vehicle purchases render these benchmarks obsolete, or might car manufacturers continue to produce as many gasoline-powered trucks as possible?

Take a look at initial test drives for the Rivian R1S and R1T, alongside the Toyota Crown Signia hybrid wagon. Recent poll findings indicate a growing number of Americans are postponing their electric vehicle purchases because of charging concerns. And contrary to popular belief, gas-guzzling non-hybrid SUVs don't necessarily offer more safety. All this and more is available right here at Green Car Reports. Numerous significant…

The American Automobile Association has discovered that there is a decline in consumer enthusiasm for electric vehicles in 2024 compared to 2023, citing expenses and the convenience of charging stations as

Recent evaluations indicate that despite their reputation for being secure choices, the Ford Expedition and Chevy Tahoe fall short in providing safety, contrary to their significant fuel consumption.

Rivian has enhanced its R1 series by reducing weight, improving efficiency, simplifying the construction process, and upgrading the driving experience.

The upcoming electric SUV will soon be accompanied by the release of the Polestar 3 in the next few months.

The Senator contends that relaxing regulations to permit car manufacturers to utilize electric vehicle battery materials sourced from China for an extended duration would be a violation of the law.

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