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Scottish Government Holds Firm: Survives No Confidence Vote Amid SNP Leadership Shake-Up



Scottish administration withstands no-confidence motion at Holyrood

The discussion and subsequent vote on Wednesday occurred merely two days following Humza Yousaf's declaration that he was resigning as the leader of the SNP and Scotland's first minister.

Scotland correspondent @Jenster13

Wednesday, May 1, 2024, 4:

The government of Scotland has successfully withstood a no-confidence vote in the Holyrood parliament.

Despite Humza Yousaf declaring earlier this week his plans to resign as SNP leader and first minister, Scottish Labour proceeded with its motion.

It was rejected by a margin of 58 to 70

The Scottish Greens rejected the proposal, with the party's co-leader Patrick Harvie describing it as "creating turmoil just for the sake of it."

Had it been approved, every member of the minority SNP administration would have been compelled to resign.

Initiating the discussion, the leader of Scottish Labour, Anas Sarwar, expressed gratitude towards Mr. Yousaf for his contributions and extended his best wishes. However, he emphasized that Scotland is in desperate need of a new direction, away from the policies of both the UK Conservative government and the SNP-led government in Scotland.

He stated that the nation required "trustworthy and capable leadership" to address the "dual challenges" facing the economy and the NHS.

Further News on Humza Yousaf

SNP leadership contest: John Swinney declares intention to follow Humza Yousaf as Scotland's next first minister

John Swinney and Kate Forbes are set to deliver statements ahead of the anticipated leadership contest within the SNP.

First Minister Humza Yousaf has expressed concerns that a contentious leadership race could damage both the SNP and the broader independence campaign

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Mr. Sarwar stated, "I lack faith in the SNP's capability to fulfill this obligation, which is the reason I am presenting this proposal in parliament today."

The departing head of government stood by his administration's achievements, noting that during his 13-month tenure, he had not "received any constructive suggestions" from Scottish Labour.

Mr. Yousaf commented, "All I've been hearing is the overwhelming noise of one principle after another being discarded by Anas Sarwar."

"Reversing the policy on limiting benefits to two children, reversing the transfer of employment law powers, reversing the transfer of drug law powers, reversing his backing for the Waspi women."

Mr. Yousaf remarked that pro-UK parties, bound together in their "comfortable Westminster coalition," would be "frightened" by a no-confidence vote.

He noted, "Recent days have made it abundantly clear to me that politics fundamentally revolves around the decisions we opt to pursue."

"As an administration, we are extremely pleased with the decisions we've made."

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The discussion and subsequent voting occurred after the collapse of the Bute House Agreement.

Shortly after the coalition agreement with the Scottish Greens concluded last week, Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross declared his intention to introduce a no-confidence motion against the First Minister.

Frustrated by their exclusion from power, the Scottish Greens declared that their MSPs would support the motion.

Scottish Labour subsequently declared its intention to propose a vote of no confidence against the Scottish government.

Mr. Yousaf extended an olive branch to his rivals in politics aiming to quell the rebellion, but admitted he had not fully grasped the extent of distress and dismay his actions had provoked among his Scottish Green colleagues.

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In a conversation with Sky News this Wednesday, Mr. Yousaf expressed, "I definitely regret how things concluded."

The Scottish Conservatives withdrew their proposal after Mr. Yousaf stepped down, however, Scottish Labour continued to push forward, arguing that the choice of the next First Minister should be decided by the voters.

Mr. Yousaf plans to stay in his position until a new successor is named.

Discover more: Who might succeed Humza Yousaf? What are the next steps after his departure? The SNP faces a pivotal decision – which path will the party choose?

Former deputy first minister John Swinney and former finance secretary Kate Forbes are being viewed as likely contenders to enter the race.

Mr. Sarwar referred to discussions suggesting that Ms. Forbes might find it challenging to select her ministerial team, and he characterized Mr. Swinney as "the finance secretary who ruined the public finances and the least effective education secretary in the history of the Scottish Parliament."

Mr. Ross, whose party backed the Scottish Labour motion, had to apologize to Mr. Swinney for calling him "not so honest John" during a session in the Holyrood chamber.

Mr. Ross initially faced criticism for calling Mr. Swinney "honest John." However, after presiding officer Alison Johnstone cautioned him against using nicknames, he replied, "Oh sorry, I assumed it was about accuracy since some recent statements would make it 'not so honest John.'"

Expressing his regrets, Mr. Ross stated, "I offer my apologies. I am deeply sorry for any pain that has been inflicted."

The leader of the Scottish Conservatives stated, "Regardless of whether the next SNP leader is chosen through a fierce contest or an uncontested appointment, their focus on pushing for independence means they will keep letting down the citizens of Scotland."

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