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Rivian Ramps Up Illinois Plant for 155,000 R2 Electric SUVs, Aiming to Boost Production and Drive Efficiency



Rivian has set a target to produce 155,000 units of its new $45,000 R2 electric SUVs within Illinois. Following the March unveiling of its cost-effective R2, R3, and R3X models, Rivian has decided to modify its current Illinois factory's setup to make room for the production of the R2 electric SUV, rather than proceeding with the proposed larger facility in Georgia which is yet to be finalized.

Acknowledging the importance of the R2 for the company's continued existence, Rivian mentioned in its first-quarter financial statement, which was published on Tuesday, that: "We are of the view that initiating the R2 in Normal will generate enduring value as it will lead to increased capital productivity and will minimize the potential hazards linked with the R2's introduction and its subsequent increase in production."

Following the latest announcement, Rivian has clarified its production goals in terms of specific figures. The company aims to manufacture 155,000 units of its R2 electric SUV each year at its Illinois facility, contributing to an overall target of 215,000 vehicles when incorporating its additional models, such as the R1S SUV, the R1T pickup truck, and the EDV commercial fleet vehicle.

In a single year, the number of R2s produced surpasses the total quantity of all Rivian models delivered since the company began distributing vehicles in autumn 2021. To achieve this, Rivian's Normal facility, which was previously stated to have a maximum production capacity of roughly 150,000 vehicles annually, will need to be enlarged.

Rivian's second model series

The company is currently working towards enhancing the production efficiency of the R1 by approximately 30%.

Incorporating R2 into the process will result in a significant increase in production compared to Rivian's present output. In the entirety of 2023, the company produced a total of 57,232 vehicles, and in the first quarter of 2024, the production count was 13,980 vehicles.

During the first-quarter financial discussion following the statement, Rivian's Chief Financial Officer Claire McDonough explained that there is some leeway in the peak production figures, with the potential to produce as many as 85,000 R1 units or a maximum of 65,000 Electric Delivery Vans.

Rivian highlighted that in the initial quarter of 2024, their R1S model emerged as the fourth most popular electric vehicle in the United States, trailing behind Tesla's Model Y and Model 3, as well as Ford's Mustang Mach-E.

Model R2 from Rivian

The recently introduced medium-sized framework known as MSP is set to underpin the R2, R3, and R3X models. Rivian has emphasized that these models are anticipated to offer exceptional power, versatility, and driving distance, all at a price considerably less than the premium R1 model.

Rivian has indicated that the key to affordability in its MSP vehicles lies in adopting techniques such as high-pressure die casting, incorporating a structural battery, and opting for more straightforward closure mechanisms. Additionally, the company has hinted at the possibility of launching a vehicle by 2030 that could have a carbon footprint that is only 50% of that of its R1S model.

According to Rivian, the anticipated starting price for the R2 model is approximately $45,000, and its production is scheduled to commence in the initial months of 2026.

Model R3 from Rivian

Next in line could be the R3 and R3X models. While Rivian didn't disclose the manufacturing locations for these models, the company did mention that the R3 is engineered to share many components with the R2. Additionally, the R3 is set to be released globally after its initial debut in North America.

It remains uncertain if the current halt of the Georgia facility will affect the validation of those models. Nonetheless, Rivian would require a significant enlargement to accommodate the R3 and possibly additional manufacturing capacity for the R2. This could be a challenge that Rivian may welcome.



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Kia has given the green light for the production of the EV3 model. Meanwhile, Rivian is upgrading its facility in Illinois to boost the production of its R2 series. The impact of electric vehicles on fuel consumption is becoming increasingly significant. Also, we're exploring what size constitutes an adequate electric vehicle. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Rivian is restructuring its Normal, Illinois factory's capacity to handle the production of up to 155,000 units of its more budget-friendly R2 SUVs every year. This figure surpasses the total electric vehicles delivered by Rivian since it began distributing its R1 series to buyers roughly two and a half years ago. Kia has officially announced that it will be moving forward with the production of its compact EV3 electric SUV.

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