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Racing to New Heights: A Comprehensive Review of MotoGP 24 – Milestone’s Latest Masterpiece



MotoGP 24 Review: Unlimited Options!

We've put the newest addition to the MotoGP video game series through its paces, just like Dani Pedrosa would have, to bring you our thoughts.

For over two decades, I've immersed myself in the world of MotoGP video games, beginning my journey on the PS2 with the legendary Namco releases of MotoGP 3 and MotoGP 4. My experience has spanned various consoles over the years, including the Xbox 360, PS4, and now the PS5. It was with great appreciation that I received a copy of the newest game in the series to test and critique.

I must say, my experience with MotoGP video games has been inconsistent over the years. However, I'm pleased to report that this year's release, MotoGP 24, is a fantastic entry into the franchise. Created by the Italian gaming developer Milestone, MotoGP 24 delivers excitement to fans globally, offering them the chance to compete as their beloved racers across the most cherished tracks on the present Grand Prix schedule.

Upon launching the game and navigating through the primary interface, you'll find the game options to be quite standard. Immediate play options such as Grand Prix, Championship, or Time Trial are prominently displayed, allowing for swift entry into racing activities.


I opted for the Time Trial mode and chose Marc Marquez, riding the Gresini Racing Ducati, to race on the Jerez track. The handling of the game in its 2023 iteration was challenging for me, yet, surprisingly, the 2024 edition seems to have undergone a significant overhaul, making it much smoother to play. What stood out to me was the throttle mechanism; it demands a gradual increase in throttle, mirroring real-life riding dynamics (as far as I can tell), because being overly aggressive with it will likely lead to a fall.

Achieving a perfect lap, with precise turns and spot-on braking, brings an immense feeling of accomplishment. The motorcycles' appearance and sound are impressive, showcasing Milestone's yearly enhancements in these areas.


In 2023, Milestone dedicated attention to the opinions of its players, consulting with professional racers, mechanics, and specialists to enhance the game's authenticity. Their goal was to smooth out the game's difficulty progression while maintaining its realistic feel, especially in aspects like braking, entering corners, and navigating corners at high speeds. However, if this seems overly complex, rest assured, the game is designed to be accessible to all players.

MotoGP 23 has enhanced its bike physics and also upgraded the Neural aids system. The Adaptive Difficulty feature introduced this year is designed to benefit players of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced. It adjusts the difficulty of the opponents by analyzing the player's performance across various races and sessions, ensuring a customized gaming experience. The system becomes more accurate in its adjustments the more the player engages in races and sessions.

If you consistently outpace your competition by 5 seconds, anticipate the artificial intelligence to up its game and present a tougher challenge in subsequent races, and the opposite holds true as well. For those having difficulty outperforming the AI, Milestone's innovative Neural aids system is designed to help you achieve an ideal equilibrium and, crucially, compete at the forefront of the pack!

An additional appealing aspect included with the 2024 calendar in the game is the inclusion of 5 iconic tracks. Having the opportunity to navigate through Donington Park or Laguna Seca on the latest MotoGP motorcycles offers a delightful experience and revives fond recollections of these marvelous tracks.

Moving to the highlight of this year's edition, the career mode will now allow not just the AI but also the players to receive offers to switch teams as the seasons unfold, with opportunities for advancement across different tiers. This update comes as a direct response to fan feedback, with Milestone incorporating this highly anticipated feature into the game, executing it with great finesse.

The functionality utilizes a series of algorithms designed to create transfers by intertwining the athletes' achievements with the reputation and goals of each squad. As a result, athletes will be suggested to switch teams not solely due to their on-track accomplishments but also the decisions of AI-operated athletes will consider the prospective capabilities of the other motorcycles in the lineup, rather than just their present worth.

For instance, Marc Marquez might switch teams, going from Gresini to Ducati's main team, while Pecco Bagnaia could make the surprising choice to vacate his position at Ducati and take up a new role with either Yamaha or Repsol Honda.


As time goes on and seasons evolve, competitors from Moto2 and Moto3 ascend into the MotoGP ranks, meaning that by the fifth season of your Career Mode, the lineup will have transformed completely from its starting point!

Crucially, the introduction of the Riders Market enhances the dynamics of pivotal moments, competitions, and the imaginary online community launched previously. For example, the development of competitions and interactions such as likes and comments within this virtual social platform are set to spark speculation regarding potential upcoming player transfers. These rumors can be tracked by players via a specific section in the Career Mode.

In Career Mode, you have the option to begin your journey in the Moto3 division, progressing through the levels similar to Pedro Acosta, or opt to start directly in Moto2. I chose to dive into the MotoGP category with a rider I created, competing for LCR Honda. I focused on improving the Honda and managed to earn points in my first race in Qatar.

The minute aspects caught my attention too, such as the Tissot Sprint animation following the race, enhancing the overall experience significantly when compared to the previous year's version. Furthermore, the user interface incorporates the 2024 TV visuals seen every weekend, adding to the game's immersion for players.

Dynamic weather conditions and continuous races from start to finish enhance the excitement, allowing players to adjust the settings before initiating a race in either Quick or Career mode. This means players have the flexibility to set the weather to start off rainy and then clear up. The thrill of darting into the pit lane to change motorcycles along with most competitors is heightened by engaging cinematic sequences. This was experienced firsthand on the Red Bull Ring circuit, selecting Brad Binder as the rider of choice. Navigating the track on slick tires under rainy conditions proved to be quite the challenge within the game, stirring a significant amount of stress. It leaves one to ponder the intense pressure Binder must have endured in 2021 when he faced similar conditions in reality and emerged victorious.


The MotoGP Stewards function has made a comeback in MotoGP 24, now wielding greater power. This feature will monitor both players and AI competitors, issuing penalties for any misbehavior during races. Additionally, infractions incurred during Practice and Qualifying rounds (such as obstruction or speeding in the pit lane) will carry over to the race, mirroring real-world regulations. Gamers have the option to select the rigor of the rule enforcement, ranging from Tolerant to Strict. I personally opted for the Tolerant setting…

However, the intricacies extend even further this year, with the introduction of a telemetry feature designed for the most dedicated fans of the franchise. For those facing challenges during Practice or Qualifying rounds, there's now the option to test out adjustments developed in collaboration with your engineer and then analyze how the performance data stacks up against past laps. It's a thoughtful addition for those who appreciate such detailed insights.

My sole critique of the game centers on the absence of vintage motorcycles and racers, a feature that past versions offered. Many enthusiasts relished the opportunity to compete using a 500cc 2-stroke or the initial MotoGP motorcycles, and I am hopeful that Milestone will reintroduce this element in upcoming releases.

In general, the game has seen significant enhancements over its predecessor, MotoGP 23. The improvements were apparent right from my initial playthrough. Whether you're a longtime enthusiast or new to the franchise, I believe you'll find it thoroughly enjoyable!

In my opinion, it earns a strong rating of 8.5 out of 10

MotoGP 24 is now playable on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™, and Steam platforms.

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