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Overwhelmed and Underserved: How Burnout Is Accelerating AI Tool Adoption Among Workers Without Official Training



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Exhaustion Leads Employees to Secretly Utilize AI Tools

Due to being inundated with emails, online conversations, and numerous meetings, office workers are turning to artificial intelligence solutions to manage their workload, despite their employers not officially sanctioning these methods. This is according to a recent work trend report released on Wednesday by Microsoft and LinkedIn.

The report discovered that 75% of individuals in office-based roles currently utilize artificial intelligence in their jobs, with the number of users almost doubling in the last six months. It was noted that most employees, from baby boomers to Generation Z, are independently introducing AI tools into their work instead of relying on their organizations for direction.

"Individuals are burdened by digital overload and workplace pressure," stated Colette Stallbaumer, who holds the position of general manager for Microsoft's chatbot Copilot and is a co-founder of WorkLab, during a video release of the report findings. "They are">king solace in AI technology." Microsoft, the parent company of LinkedIn, is poised to benefit from the integration of AI and is already profiting from its generative AI offerings.

The recent study draws upon insights from a survey involving 31,000 desk job employees across 31 nations, employment and recruitment patterns observed in LinkedIn's data, information from Microsoft 365, and analysis from Fortune 500 companies. This examination delves into the impact of generative AI on the workforce following the emergence of tools like ChatGPT in the latter part of 2022. Contrary to initial fears that AI might lead to job losses, the findings depict a scenario where overwhelmed employees are finding their own ways to cope, and where leaders are keen to onboard individuals proficient in AI technologies—even though there's a noticeable delay in organizations providing the necessary training for AI tool utilization.

The study presents a grim perspective on employee overburden: Approximately 70 percent of participants reported difficulties managing their workload speed and quantity, with nearly half experiencing burnout. Users of Microsoft 365 predominantly use their">king hours for internal communication, rather than focusing on tasks in Word and PowerPoint, indicating a broader issue that certain AI applications aim to address. Additionally, the study revealed that 46 percent of respondents are considering leaving their jobs within the year. On the flip side, acquiring AI competencies may be essential for securing employment in other organizations.

"Having expertise in this area is highly sought after," states Julie Schweber, a senior HR knowledge adviser at the Society for Human Resource Management, highlighting that candidates possessing experience and">kills in AI are often favored by recruiters. "It's an inevitable advancement we're all anticipating. Its effects will be felt across all aspects of the work environment."

The study indicates a swift increase in the utilization of artificial intelligence by office employees, yet its broader integration might be lagging. According to a Pew study conducted earlier this year, only 20 percent of American adults have employed ChatGPT for professional purposes, despite this figure rising from 12 percent in mid-2023.

In conjunction with the report, Microsoft unveiled improvements to its Copilot feature, introducing an autocomplete capability designed to assist users in generating more effective prompts for the chatbot. Additionally, it introduced a rewrite option that enriches basic prompts with additional context, and a "catch up" chat function that delivers customized reminders, such as alerts about forthcoming meetings accompanied by relevant preparatory information.

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LinkedIn and Microsoft have analyzed the implementation of AI training within companies and what employers anticipate from their employees. The findings suggest that most corporate executives would hesitate to hire individuals lacking AI proficiency. However, less than 40% of employees utilizing AI in their roles have been formally trained, indicating a significant skill disparity unless employees seek further education. Professions such as content creators, marketing executives, and graphic artists are leading the trend in incorporating AI competencies into their LinkedIn profiles at an increasing pace.

The disparity is amplified by the differing degrees to which companies embrace AI technology. Additionally, the study revealed that the overwhelming majority of "power users" — individuals who utilize AI frequently throughout the week for their job — report employing the technology to manage their excessive workload, saving an average of 30 minutes daily. These users are often more inclined to have support from their supervisors to explore AI applications in their tasks.

The implementation of AI in professional settings comes with its share of challenges. These technologies can sometimes display prejudiced behavior or generate false information. Additionally, there is a risk of employees claiming AI-produced content as their original work, which could lead to issues of plagiarism and violation of copyright laws. In response, the US government has introduced measures to regulate the use of AI by federal employees and departments, aiming to safeguard individuals from these potential problems. For numerous companies, adapting to these guidelines remains an ongoing journey.

"Companies are still exploring how to integrate AI into their daily operations," states Leanne Getz, vice president of delivery channels at the IT staffing company Experis. "We're proceeding with caution due to the uncertainties surrounding its precision and the aspect of traceability that remains somewhat unclear."

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