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Michigan Local Governments Slow to Electrify: Cost and Relevance Hurdles in EV Charging Infrastructure



Poll: Municipal authorities view electric vehicle charging as expensive and not a pressing concern

A recent poll by the University of Michigan indicates that while a growing number of Michigan's local authorities acknowledge the importance of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, the overall awareness remains relatively small. For those recognizing its significance, the expense involved is seen as a hindrance.

The study focuses on Michigan, a state at the heart of the automotive sector, which likely indicates a higher level of knowledge about electric vehicle technology in its countryside compared to elsewhere. Carried out in the latter part of the year, it revealed a heightened curiosity among municipal authorities compared to a similar research done two years prior, yet it also suggests there's more progress to be made.

Almost two-fifths of the surveyed local officials believe that planning for electric vehicle infrastructure is of some or high importance, marking a rise of 23% since 2019. Slightly more than 25% think that EV charging stations are not pertinent to their areas, showing a decrease from 40% who felt this way two years ago

Initial production of the 2022 GMC Hummer EV is underway at the Factory Zero facility located in Detroit, Michigan.

A significant portion of the individuals polled, amounting to 34%, expressed the belief that their area lacks an adequate number of electric vehicle (EV) charging points, marking an increase from the 29% recorded in 2019. Over half of the participants (53%) indicated that the expense associated with installing more EV charging facilities, coupled with a limited enthusiasm from the community members (51%), are the primary obstacles impeding the growth of

The study highlighted a disparity between urban and rural areas, revealing that officials from villages and townships were less inclined to consider EV charging infrastructure planning as highly pertinent to their areas, with only 14% and 10% acknowledging its relevance. In contrast, city and county officials felt it was more significant, with 32% and 30% agreeing.

Image of Rivian Waypoints charging stations located in Holland State Park, Michigan, captured by Diane Dawson Wilks, courtesy of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

At the national scale, President Biden's administration plans to establish a network of half a million charging stations, targeting not only rural communities and lesser-populated towns but also relying on specifically marked routes for alternative fuel vehicles. To further this initiative, the administration has allocated extra financial resources directed at supporting rural zones, which are somewhat vaguely referred to as "communities with low income and regions outside of urban centers," with their eligibility hinging on certain statistical classifications.

Numerous lesser-known municipalities and agricultural regions in California have shown great enthusiasm in publicizing their achievements with electric vehicles and their charging infrastructure. This occurred during the initial phase of adoption when electric vehicles hadn't become a contentious political issue. Furthermore, the deployment of Level 2 charging stations will certainly benefit those in rural locales by serving the needs of daily travelers and consumers, all at a minimal expense.



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A seasoned executive in the charging industry recently emphasized that most problems experienced with CCS fast-charging are due to compatibility issues, such as payment across different networks, and that switching the plug type doesn't resolve these concerns.

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During the same period that Tesla reduced the workforce of its Supercharger division, Volkswagen's Electrify America announced plans for growth.

Recent editions of the basic Model Y, which have been constructed and handed over to customers, could potentially reach up to 320 miles. However, to access this extended range, there's a requirement of a software update which could cost between $1,500 and $2,000, depending on the receipt of necessary regulatory

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