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Europa öffnet seine Türen: Ein Fest der Demokratie und Vielfalt am Europatag 2024



Europe Day 2024: EU Bodies Across Europe Open Their Doors to the Public for Special Events

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One month ahead of the European elections, EU bodies join citizens in marking 74 years of European democracy.

In celebration of Europe Day, citizens are given the opportunity to explore all EU institutions in Brussels and beyond, gaining insight into how Europe operates for and with them.

European Parliament

The European Day event at the European Parliament on May 4th will">kick off with an opening ceremony featuring Vice President Marc Angel (S&D, LU). The day will proceed with activities suitable for various age groups, including information booths and brief sessions on tackling disinformation, the role of women in politics, and electoral campaigning.

Residents are encouraged to learn about the process of voting in the European elections, the significance of participating in the vote, and ways to contribute to the preservation of democracy. Tours of the VOTE exhibition (Parlamentarium) in Brussels are available. For a comprehensive schedule of the program and events organized across the 27 EU member states, click here.

Council of the European Union

On May 4th, the European Union Council in Brussels opens its doors to the public, allowing visitors to follow in the footsteps of the EU's top policymakers. Throughout the day, guided tours will be available without the need for prior registration, offering a chance to delve into the architecture of the premises. A variety of activities are in store for younger guests, including a treasure hunt. Each of the 27 member states will have a booth showcasing their cultural traditions, food specialties, and tourist highlights. Guests have the opportunity to engage with these displays interactively and participate in live demonstrations. Additionally, there will be an exhibition celebrating the 20th anniversary of the EU's expansion in 2004.

European Commission

Die Kommission plant, den Bürgern eine Plattform zu bieten, auf der sie sich über ihre eigenen Beiträge und die Fortschritte während der aktuellen Amtsperiode informieren können. Am 4. Mai öffnet das Berlaymont-Gebäude seine Türen für die Öffentlichkeit, um speziell für diesen Tag gestaltete Themenbereiche zu entdecken, die Einblicke in die Geschichte und die Grundwerte der EU geben. Besucher haben die Chance, Einzelheiten darüber zu erfahren, wie die Kommission sich für die Bewahrung unserer demokratischen Werte und Vielfalt einsetzt und welche Schritte unternommen werden, um eine Zukunft zu sichern, die sowohl digitaler als auch umweltfreundlicher ist. Ein eigens eingerichteter Bereich wird sich mit der Unterstützung der Ukraine beschäftigen. Darüber hinaus werden spezielle Initiativen den 20. Jahrestag der EU-Erweiterung im Jahr 2004, das 25-jährige Bestehen des Euros und 30 Jahre des Binnenmarkts beleuchten. Details zum gesamten Programm sind online abrufbar. Auch die EU-Vertretungen in den Mitgliedsstaaten werden eigene Events ausrichten.

European Central Bank

Residents have the opportunity to learn about the Euro, the shared currency of 20 EU nations, the digital Euro initiative, and the efforts of the European Central Bank (ECB), which ensures price stability and">king safety. On May 4th, residents can meet with ECB experts at the European Commission in Brussels (more details available here). On the same evening, as part of the "Museum Night," the ECB in Frankfurt will open its doors to registered guests and will also participate in the Europe Day festivities in Frankfurt on May 9th.

European Court of Auditors

On May 9th, the EU auditors in Luxembourg are hosting interactive games, providing citizens with the opportunity to challenge themselves with a quiz on auditing skills. People of all ages, including families, will have the opportunity to learn about the role of the Court of Auditors in safeguarding the financial interests of EU citizens. The entire schedule can be found online.

European External Action Service

On May 4th, visitors to the European External Action Service will have the unique opportunity to explore the vibrant efforts of the EU's diplomatic service, both in Brussels and globally. The day's agenda includes engaging discussions with EU ambassadors and insights into the EU's commitment to promoting peace, human rights, and sustainable growth worldwide. Attendees will be treated to live music, dance performances, and workshops, along with a chance to experience culinary delights from around the globe. The event is further enhanced by a selection of film screenings in the cinema room. Children are warmly welcomed, with a variety of fun activities planned for them, including puppet shows. For more details on the event, please check here.

European Economic and Social Committee

Am 4. Mai wird in Brüssel das Zentrum der EU für organisierte Zivilgesellschaft seine Pforten öffnen. Vertreter des Europäischen Wirtschafts- und Sozialausschusses (EWSA) werden bereitstehen, um Diskussionen zu führen und sich über die Interessen und Fragen der Gäste zu erkundigen. Das Programm des Tages bietet unterhaltsame Aktivitäten an, darunter interaktive Spiele, ein Quiz über die EU, Live-Musik sowie spezielle Angebote für Kinder. Während des Besuchs im EWSA-Gebäude haben die Gäste die Chance, Ausschussmitglieder und Mitarbeiter zu treffen, die an einem Fahrradwettbewerb teilnehmen, welcher das Ziel verfolgt, das Bewusstsein für die Europawahlen zu schärfen. Details zum gesamten Angebot finden sich unter dem angegebenen Link.

European Committee of the Regions

On May 4th, the European Union's assembly for regional and urban areas will open its doors in Brussels to facilitate interaction between citizens and those holding regional and local offices. Through interactive booths and various activities, attendees will have the chance to learn about the Committee of the Regions' mission and efforts to bridge the gap between the EU and its local communities. This event,">king the committee's 30th anniversary, will be celebrated with a festival featuring regional and city highlights, including food tastings, quizzes, and a digital presentation showcasing the diversity of the EU's territories. Further details can be found here.

European Investment Bank

At the European Investment Bank's booth during Europe Day on May 4th in Brussels and May 9th in Luxembourg (more details here), attendees will have the opportunity to explore flagship projects funded by the EIB in their own countries. Additionally, they will discover initiatives co-financed by the EIB, including hospitals, transport infrastructure such as trains or subways, and flood barriers in their hometowns. There's a wealth of information to learn about the EU, and visitors can participate in a quiz with a prize up for grabs.


On May 9, Europe commemorates the foundational act of the EU – the Schuman Declaration. Signed on May 9, 1950, this declaration laid the foundation for cooperation in Europe and peace across the continent. Europe Day symbolizes the EU's commitment to openness, transparency, democracy, and unity.

This year's Europe Day commemorates 45 years since the inaugural European election in 1979 and occurs just ahead of the 2024 elections scheduled from June 6 to June 9 across all EU member states.

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