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Eli Zero: The Affordable Urban EV That Promises Convenience for City Dwellers



Eli Electric Vehicles announced on Tuesday that reservations for its small city electric vehicle, the Eli Zero, are now available in the U.S., starting at $11,990.

Kickstarted through collective funding efforts, the Zero was initially revealed in 2017 and started distribution to European vendors in 2021. Eli had initially set its sights on a 2022 debut in the American market. That timeline has been substantially delayed, yet in the meantime, Eli reports that it has successfully handed over hundreds of units to customers across Europe and French Polynesia.

Eli Zero Model

The firm is gearing up to initiate sales within the United States during this year's third quarter, followed by subsequent deliveries. Interested customers can reserve a production spot by">king a $200 deposit, which can be refunded. However, sales for the year 2024 will be exclusive to those who have made reservations. Eli aims to distribute its vehicles via regional distributors and dealership allies and boasts of a manufacturing facility with an annual production capacity of 4,000 units.

With dimensions of only 4.5 feet in width and 7.4 feet in length, the Eli Zero, an aluminum vehicle with seating for two, falls under the category of a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) within the United States. This classification restricts its maximum speed to 25 miles per hour. Although the cost has risen from the initial estimate provided by Eli, the increase is offset by the inclusion of a more substantial battery pack. The new battery options are either 8 or 12 kilowatt-hours, delivering a driving range of either 60 or 90 miles, a notable improvement from the previous 5.8 kilowatt-hours battery that only allowed for 50 miles of travel.

The vehicle known as

The Zero comes equipped with amenities such as gently closing doors and a Sony entertainment setup compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. However, our intuition suggests it might not match the level of sophistication we're expecting in the soon-to-arrive Afeela electric vehicles by Sony and Honda.

The Zero, designed for slower travel, presents an alternative approach to compact electric vehicles unlike the three-wheeled Aptera, which targets a 400-mile range in its initial model along with capabilities akin to traditional automobiles, or Arcimoto, whose three-wheeled vehicles fall under the 'autocycles' category, aligning them with motorcycles and permitting greater velocities.



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