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Electrifying Performance: The 2024 Acura ZDX Type S Review – Acura’s First EV Stays True to Brand Essence



Evaluation: The inaugural electric vehicle from Acura, the 2024 ZDX Type S, remains true to the brand's essence. This premium Honda division introduces a five-seater, midsize crossover SUV as its initial foray into the electric market.

Aesthetically, it embodies the quintessential Acura design, with dimensions that are nearly identical to the manufacturer's most popular vehicle, the MDX midsize crossover. However, the electric variant has a unique stance, being 3 inches shorter in height and having a wheelbase that extends 8 inches more.

The recently unveiled ZDX takes its name from a lesser-known Acura model that was on the market between 2010 and 2013. However, this new iteration is a product of General Motors, utilizing their Ultium EV framework, a platform it shares with the Honda Prologue, a vehicle from Acura's umbrella company. The ZDX's EPA range estimates differ according to the model, with the entry-level ZDX A-Spec RWD version achieving up to 313 miles, whereas the premier Type S variant, equipped with AWD as standard, delivers around 278 miles. The ZDX A-Spec with AWD falls in the middle, offering an estimated range of 304 miles.

Towards the end of April, we dedicated over four hours to maneuver the Acura ZDX throughout Santa Barbara, California. The models we evaluated were all the superior Type S variant, hence we aren't able to provide insights on how they compare with the A-Spec versions.

2024 Model of Acura ZDX

Upcoming Acura ZDX Model Set for

Upcoming 2024 Model of the A

The Acura ZDX is designed to attract those who already own the MDX but are interested in switching to an electric vehicle. However, it does away with the third-row seats found in the MDX and doesn't have the same sporty feel as other Acura models. Despite these differences, those in the market for an SUV will probably find these changes manageable.

The upcoming ZDX model unmistakably bears the Acura brand's hallmark in its design, both in the interior and exterior. The front of the vehicle features a distinctive shield-like panel in place of a traditional grille, and the design team has successfully made the vehicle's midsize SUV stature appear less tall. They've employed various design techniques such as a carved front lower section with horizontal blades, an available black-colored roof, a chrome strip that traces the window line – which received varied reactions – and a silver streak below the door area.

Unfortunately, the anticipated front trunk is absent beneath the elongated hood. The design team from Acura and GM opted to allocate space for the power electronics and charging apparatus in that area, bypassing one of the advantages offered by an EV 'skateboard' chassis.

Upcoming 2024 Model of Acura

The ZDX boasts rapid charging capabilities and comes with journey mapping features. Acura states that its 102-kwh battery can be powered up at maximum speeds of 190 kw, allowing it to gain approximately 81 miles of range with just a 10-minute charge under perfect conditions. These conditions include a nearly depleted battery, ideal temperatures both outside and within the battery, and access to a high-power charging point. For those on longer drives, topping up the battery from 20% to 80% with a fast charger takes about 42 minutes.

Acura has announced that for journeys surpassing the ZDX's range, Google Assistant will direct the electric SUV to EV charging points, and will also prepare the battery in advance if necessary to enable quicker charging. During our brief test drive, we didn't get the chance to evaluate the navigation capabilities. We attempted to power up our demo ZDX, however, the solitary CCS charging spot accessible before our deadline was occupied, meaning we will need to postpone this test for a future, more extensive vehicle trial.

Upcoming Acura ZDX model set to

Throughout different segments of our drive, we observed energy consumption rates between 2.2 and 2.4 miles per">kilowatt-hour, which is a bit less efficient than other electric SUVs. However, this wasn't entirely unexpected for a vehicle of this size, especially considering the hilly terrain we encountered and the considerable amount of time spent driving at the typical speeds seen on California's highways.

Acura adopts a unique strategy by providing customers with three distinct choices for charging solutions. Customers can select from a Level 2 home charging unit, along with a $500 installation subsidy and $100 worth of credits for public charging stations. Alternatively, those who prefer not to fix a charging unit at home can choose a portable charger, accompanied by a $250 installation subsidy and $300 in credits for public charging. Lastly, for individuals without home charging capabilities, Acura offers $750 in credits for use at public charging stations. Acura has intelligently steered clear of the "unlimited" public charging promotions that other manufacturers use to entice buyers, which can result in drivers who have the option to charge at home overusing free public charging facilities.

Upcoming 2024 Acura ZDX

Acura has announced that their 2024 ZDX models will be equipped with the CCS charging port. However, they plan to switch to the Tesla-like NACS connector for the models released in 2025. It's a good idea to verify this information as we approach the beginning of the following year.

The ZDX stands as Acura's fastest SUV to date

Acura has announced that its latest electric model, the ZDX, is the fastest SUV in its lineup, highlighting the brand's commitment to high performance. Despite its impressive speed, the ZDX is significantly heavier, weighing in at nearly 1,200 pounds more than the MDX, yet sharing a similar size. Its all-wheel-drive and electric powertrain contribute to an almost perfect weight distribution, while its air suspension system equipped with adaptive dampers includes a Sport Mode which lowers the vehicle by 15 mm for a sportier feel. For winter conditions, the Snow Mode increases clearance by 25 mm and optimizes the vehicle's grip. Additionally, there's an Individual Mode that allows drivers to customize the steering, suspension, and power settings to their preference, although it's likely to see limited use.

Upcoming 2024 Model of Acura

The A-Spec model with all-wheel drive boasts a power of 360 kW (490 hp), and the Type S model slightly surpasses that with a claim of "almost 500 hp," as stated by the product planning manager, Jonathon Rivers. The Type S has a torque output of up to 544 lb-ft, surpassing the torque of the second-generation NSX sports car, which features a V-6 engine and three electric motors positioned in the middle of the car. Meanwhile, the standard A-Spec version is equipped with a single motor producing 263 kW (358 hp) that drives the rear wheels.

Our Type S model is equipped with large Brembo brakes featuring six-piston calipers at the front, exerting force on 15.6-inch rotors, with 13.6-inch ones in the back. These calipers come in a vivid yellow shade that highlights the ZDX's high-performance intentions, and they proved effective at bringing the 6,050-pound Type S to a halt swiftly during urgent braking situations. The vehicle sits atop 22-inch rims, with all-season tires as the default. However, those desiring an upgrade can choose high-performance tires for an additional cost of $1,000.

The standard driving setting mimics the sensation of driving a traditional car with an automatic gearbox, naturally without any gear changes. The ride was generally cozy across various terrains, thanks to effective shock absorption and a plush feel. However, when switching to Sport mode, the increase in power was not as significant as anticipated: although the suspension became firmer, it also became somewhat rougher, and the steering was more responsive yet felt easier to maneuver.

Upcoming Acura ZDX Model for

Upcoming Acura ZDX Model for

Upcoming Acura ZDX model set to

Activating the constant symbol at the touchscreen's summit summons a dialog for "One Pedal Driving" defaulting to "Normal" mode. (A second tap deactivates the regenerative braking feature entirely.) However, to engage maximum regenerative power, additional steps are necessary: the operator must select "Set Level" followed by opting for "High" from an ensuing menu. This process potentially could be streamlined into one unified alert to minimize diversion.

The interior of the ZDX offers front seats that can be adjusted electronically and are quite cozy. The cabin is decked out with perforated Milano leather that has contrasting stitches, which is quite attractive. In our evaluated Type S version, there were also embossed Type S emblems that gave it a more stylish look. The even floor space in front of the spacious back seat allows for a more comfortable ride for three adults, as opposed to other similar crossovers that have raised driveline bumps.

The upcoming 2024 Acura ZDX is set to incorporate well-known Google applications as an

The ZDX includes both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Every variant features a digital display measuring 11.0 inches, while the Type S model boasts an additional head-up display. The infotainment system is integrated with Google Assistant. Its central touchscreen spans 11.3 inches with sizable icons that are user-friendly. Unlike certain GM electric vehicles utilizing Ultium batteries, the ZDX supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Our evaluation of the wireless navigation reflecting on the car from both smartphone platforms revealed seamless operation. However, mentioning the term "Google" during use seemed to disrupt Apple Maps, prompting the vehicle to activate and await further instructions.

The space between the seats features a broad compartment that can hold a pair of sizable drinks and two smartphones placed next to each other. An area in front of the main armrest comes with a wireless charging pocket that also conceals phone displays to deter drivers from peeking or getting distracted. The dashboard boasts sizeable buttons and dials for easy adjustments of audio settings and climate controls. Additionally, the front section of the console contains enough room for items like a small backpack or handbag, which can be hard to spot due to the consistent dark gray tone of the dashboard and console, as well as the black floor covering.

Upcoming 2024 Acura ZDX

There's a generous 28.7 cubic feet of space for storage behind the second-row seats, and this expands to 62 cubic feet when those seats are collapsed. Yet, the back seats don't completely flatten, creating a slight unevenness. It's a minor inconvenience, as the surface isn't entirely level stretching forward to the front seats.

The ZDX's proactive safety features encompass the standard array of automated aids for drivers, such as collision mitigation braking, lane-keeping assistance, and numerous additional functions too extensive to enumerate in this context.

Upcoming Acura ZDX Model Set to

The selection of models for the 2024 Acura ZDX has been streamlined, offering either rear-wheel or all-wheel drive in the A-Spec versions, and the Type S if you're">king for extra flair, with very few optional add-ons. Every model comes with keyless entry as a basic feature, and you have the choice of using either a key card or a smartphone for access. A standout inclusion across the ZDX range is the 18-speaker audio setup from Bang & Olufsen, which is expected to become a standard feature in other Acura models starting in the 2025 model year.

The production of the ZDX takes place in the same assembly facility located in Spring Hill, Tennessee, where the Cadillac Lyriq is also manufactured. Therefore, Acura indicates that it will likely be eligible for the electric vehicle tax credit of $7,500, which starting from January 1, can be directly deducted from the sale price to decrease the vehicle's expense. Acura has informed us of their anticipation to distribute 20,000 ZDX units within the current year and aims for an annual delivery of 30,000 units in the years following.

– Green Car Reports had their travel, accommodation, and dining expenses covered by Acura, facilitating a firsthand account of the drive experience.



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