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Der große SUV-Vergleich: Renault Symbioz, Dacia Duster und Nissan Qashqai – Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede aufgedeckt



Comparing Renault Symbioz, Dacia Duster, and Nissan Qashqai

Corporate compact SUVs of similar size: What are the differences and similarities?

The inspiration for this three-way comparison arose after the global debut of the Renault Symbioz. With the image of the then-secret compact SUV fresh in mind, we encountered a recent Nissan Qashqai in a parking garage, noticing visual resemblances. Indeed, it seems the Symbioz is intended to hold its own in the market alongside the Qashqai and the new Dacia Duster.

It's time for an initial virtual showdown. Both the Renault Symbioz and Dacia Duster have undergone complete redesigns, while the Nissan Qashqai has recently undergone a significant makeover, likely for a good reason. The Symbioz and Duster are built on the Renault group's CMF-B platform, which is even used for the smaller Clio model. However, Dacia employs a more cost-effective version of this platform to maintain its affordability.

On the other hand, the Qashqai is built on the larger C/D platform of the group, aligning it more closely with the likes of the Renault Austral and Nissan X-Trail. This is evident in its slightly extended wheelbase, although in terms of length, it remains comparable to the Symbioz.

Photo Gallery: Renault Symbioz (2024)

Exterior and Dimensions

Let's first examine the side view of the three compact SUVs to identify any potential similarities.

Upcoming 2024 Dacia Duster Model

Upcoming Nissan Qashqai Model (2024)

Renault Symbioz, slated for a 2024

The Dacia stands out with its unique rear hidden door handles, as well as an upright windshield and trimmings made from raw plastic. From the side view, similarities with Renault and Nissan are noticeable, such as the design of the side windows. The Symbioz features a C-pillar painted in the same color as the car body, while the Qashqai aims to blend it more seamlessly into the line of the windows.

When examining the dimensions, the Symbioz and Qashqai are quite comparable, with the Duster being a bit shorter yet broader. However, in terms of width, the Qashqai outdoes the Duster. As for the trunk space, it is roughly similar across all models.


Moving onto the interior and cockpits of the three cars in comparison. In the Symbioz, the rear seat can be adjusted longitudinally by 16 centimeters, allowing rear passengers to enjoy up to 221 millimeters of legroom.

Upcoming Dacia Duster Model Set for 2024

The 2024 model of the Nissan Qashqai

Renault Symbioz slated for 2024 release

This area exhibits a higher level of independence than the exterior. Dacia leans towards the use of harder plastics, while in the Nissan, the door handle and window controls integrate seamlessly. The most notable distinction in the Renault is its vertically oriented touchscreen at the center. This leads us directly to the next topic…


Renault is recognized for its prominent vertical 10.4-inch touchscreen featured in all models. Alongside, there's a 10.3-inch digital instrument cluster that displays driving data and navigation prompts. The Symbioz model, starting from the Techno version, comes equipped with the OpenR Link multimedia system, which includes built-in Google and runs on Android Automotive 12.

The Qashqai also integrates Google services. It features a digital dashboard and a central display, both measuring 12.3 inches. The Duster, on the other hand, doesn't incorporate Google and is unique among the three for offering a base model with traditional analog dials. In its other versions, there's a 7-inch display and beside it, a 10-inch touchscreen. This setup, as with the others, allows for wireless smartphone connectivity.

Image Gallery: Dacia Duster (2024)


By utilizing a different platform, the Qashqai is equipped with more powerful engines. The powertrain lineup of the new Nissan Qashqai is carried over unchanged from the pre-facelift version. This means there is a 1.3-liter turbocharged petrol engine featuring mild-hybrid technology available in either 140 or 158 horsepower variants (the latter also comes with the option of Xtronic automatic transmission and all-wheel drive), as well as the E-Power system, which pairs a pure 190 horsepower electric drive with a petrol engine that acts as an onboard generator. In this setup, only the front wheels are powered through a continuously variable transmission.

The Renault Symbioz currently comes equipped with the hybrid E-Tech 145 powertrain, but it's expected that conventional gasoline engines will be introduced later on. A diesel option seems unlikely. This vehicle features a combination of series and parallel hybrid systems, which includes two electric motors – one with 36 kW and another that's an 18 kW high-voltage starter-generator (HSG). These are paired with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine delivering 69 kW or 94 horsepower, connected to a smart clutchless multi-mode transmission and a 1.2 kWh battery.

Competitors from other corporations:

The Duster Hybrid features a similar powertrain but boasts a 140 horsepower engine and is the sole variant within the line-up that comes equipped with an automatic transmission. The rest of the Duster range is fitted with a six-speed manual gearbox and turbocharged petrol engines, either the dual-fuel ECO-G delivering 100 horsepower or the 130 horsepower mild-hybrid option, which also offers an all-wheel-drive version. Whether the Symbioz model will have an all-wheel-drive option remains to be seen.


The cost of the Symbioz has yet to be disclosed. Similarly, Nissan has not yet announced the updated pricing for the Qashqai. So far in Germany, the price has varied from 29,440 to 48,970 euros. We would expect the Symbioz to fall somewhere within this range. The Duster, on the other hand, is priced significantly lower, ranging from 18,950 to 27,350 euros depending on the features and engine.

Photo Gallery: 2024 Nissan Qashqai

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