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Ducati’s Dilemma: Dall’Igna Faces Tough Rider Choice Amidst Marquez’s Brilliance and Martin’s Dominance



Gigi Dall’Igna acknowledges he has considerations to make this week with a decision pending

"Choosing the optimal rider for our factory team is my responsibility. This week presents some reflections for me."

There are reasons to consider Jorge Martin, Marc Marquez, and Enea Bastianini as potential teammates for the current MotoGP champion Francesco Bagnaia in the upcoming season, but the team can only choose one of them.

Ducati is facing the most challenging choice among all producers. Although Martin seems to be the preferred choice due to his performance, the temptation to select a rider like Marquez has complicated Ducati's decision-making.

Jack Miller's race retirement left many puzzled, while Brad Binder faced consequences for qualifying in the last position.

Francesco Bagnaia explains his defeat in the French MotoGP: "They simply outpaced us."

It's worth noting that since Marquez teamed up with Ducati, his performance has been outstanding, particularly evident in Le Mans, where he remarkably climbed from 13th to secure second place in both events.

In a conversation about Marquez's showing at Le Mans and the impending choice on the horizon, Dall'Igna remarked to, "He's Marc Marquez! Without a doubt, he's capable of achieving such feats, and indeed, he has.

"[Decision] It's become more challenging. As part of my duties, it's essential for me to choose the top candidate for our factory team, as well as the finest riders for our additional teams.

"This week, there's something on my mind."

Jorge Martin not only secured pole position but also clinched victory in both races, mirroring the impressive performance of Marquez, who finished second in each event.

Dall'Igna expressed his admiration for the exceptional performance of Ducati's leading riders, stating: "Jorge delivered outstanding performances, it wasn't just one remarkable race but an entire weekend of excellence. I'm truly proud to have him on our team."

"Pecco [Bagnaia] put in a solid performance today, and Marc truly excelled throughout the entire weekend."

"Additionally, Enea [Bastianini] deserves recognition for setting the quickest lap towards the race's conclusion and regaining his place over Vinales. I'm genuinely pleased with the performance of the riders."

Bagnaia secured the third position in the grand prix, after being surpassed by Martin and Marquez towards the end of the race.

Despite his exceptional defensive skills, the double MotoGP champion fell behind his Spanish counterparts, dropping more points in the standings due to another Did Not Finish (DNF) in the sprint race.

"Dall'Igna praised Pecco's performance in Jerez and his efforts today, stating, 'He's dissatisfied with the outcome as he had hoped to clinch this race and I believe he had the potential to do so."

"However, competing against the other two proved challenging, and ultimately, he secured third place. I’m genuinely pleased with his performance in the race."

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