2021 Ford F-150 simplifies towing and hauling with payload and tongue weight measurements – Information by Automobilnews.eu

2021 Ford F-150 simplifies towing and hauling with payload and tongue weight measurements

Ford is doing to towing what the automated transmission did to the handbook: Make it straightforward sufficient for anybody to function. Three new options introduced Wednesday on the 2021 Ford F-150 goal to cut back towing guesswork.

One will measure payload; the second measures tongue weight; and the third is the very helpful adaptive damping, which turns into an choice on the F-150 for the primary time.

Onboard Scales that estimate payload on the 2021 Ford F-150 and a Sensible Hitch function that measures tongue weight signify the newest development in simplifying the towing expertise. Able to towing as much as 14,000 kilos, Ford’s bestseller can carry between 1,765 and three,325 kilos, relying on drivetrain and cab configuration. It is onerous to know with any certainty simply how a lot you are hauling within the mattress, and with passengers vulnerable to underestimating their weight, the Onboard Scales will add some certainty, displaying the approximate weight within the touchscreen, on the FordPass app, or in graphics inside the pickup truck’s taillights.

2021 Ford F-150 tow know-how

This final half is fascinating. Ford says “sensible taillamps function just like the battery cost indicator on a cell phone.” On the C-clamp form of the taillight, there are 4 bars in the course of the housing, and on the aspect nearest the tailgate. If the highest fourth gentle illuminates, then the truck is nearing its max payload. If it exceeds it, the highest gentle blinks and chances are you’ll have to take away a kind of kegs from the mattress. The dimensions will be zeroed out on the touchscreen to simply measure what’s within the mattress. 

The Sensible Hitch function is an extension of the payload measurement, however for towing capability. It isn’t straightforward to find out how a lot pressure the trailer tongue exerts on the hitch, which is why the estimated rule of thumb for tongue weight is 10-15% of the gross trailer weight—the load of the trailer plus no matter is on the trailer.

As an example, for those who’re towing a 2,000 pound boat, and the trailer weighs one other 1,000 kilos, the tongue weight could be 10-15% of that mixed 3,000 kilos. Say you are conservative and do not need to tax your transmission, so that you estimate 15% of tongue weight on the three,000 kilos you are towing, then the tongue weight provides 450 kilos. It is vital. Particularly when you’ve got a crossover SUV rated to tow 3,500 kilos and also you’re towing 3,450 kilos.

2021 Ford F-150 tow technology2021 Ford F-150 tow know-how

The Sensible Hitch calculates tongue weight to take the guessing out of the equation. Ford says it “supplies steering on weight distribution of hitch overloading” on the identical three sources as Onboard Scales, by way of the touchscreen, app, or taillights.

The final function rolled out on the 2021 Ford F-150 comes from the posh subject of full-size SUVs, and already exists within the 2021 Ford Expedition King Ranch. On the F-150, sensors present a number of inputs to a pc to regulate valves within the shocks to agency up the experience when hitting a pothole, as an illustration, or softening it for comfier cruising. In Tow/Haul mode, the damping smooths out the truck and trailer responses to highway situations, and supplies extra linear steering, Ford says.

The three options will be ordered in early June, however Ford did not specify a value. Onboard Scales and Sensible Hitch come bundled collectively. 

2021 Ford F-150 simplifies towing and hauling with payload and tongue weight measurements – Information by Automobilnews.eu


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