1700bhp Koenigsegg Gemera four-seat GT proven at The Quail – Information by Automobilnews.eu

1700bhp Koenigsegg Gemera four-seat GT proven at The Quail

The Koenigsegg Gemera represents not only a new period for the Swedish hypercar producer when it comes to powertrain format and design, but additionally useability – that is an “on a regular basis” Koenigsegg. Proven right here in new photographs taken at The Quail, a 4 seat configuration, new carbonfibre chassis and an uncommon technical format that differs from just about something within the automotive world, the brand new Gemera is simply as a lot a technical curiosity as it’s a fascinating GT. 

Beginning with the facility determine, Koenigsegg’s new format would possibly diverge from its ordinary V8 base, however lives as much as the popularity with a 1.27 megawatt, or 1700bhp (mixed) energy determine. Producing that energy are a complete of three electrical motors and an inside combustion engine, mixed with a small 16.6kWh lithium ion battery pack that additionally makes the Gemera a plug-in hybrid. 

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Two of the electrical motors are located on the rear axle and energy every of the rear wheels. Collectively these motors produce an equal energy determine of 1100bhp, whereas the third, smaller electrical motor is mounted throughout the crankcase of the bespoke inside combustion engine. 

The inner combustion engine itself, non-ironically named TFG (Tiny Pleasant Big) internally, is all-new and bespoke to Koenigsegg. It’s a 2-litre, three-cylinder twin-turbocharged petrol unit that’s dry-sumped, revs to 8500rpm and options infinitely variable valves (Freevalve in Koenigsegg communicate) which can be hydraulically-actuated quite than pushed off the camshaft. Energy figures are rated at a peak of 600bhp at 7500rpm, with 412lb ft of torque unfold between 2000-6000rpm.

The benefits of the Freevalve system are quite a few, however a spotlight is the way it’s capable of increase the twin-turbochargers. Every of the turbochargers are linked to a single valve from every cylinder. What Koenigsegg is ready to do is route all of the exhaust gases from the three cylinders into one turbocharger at medium-to-high load however low rpm, to get the turbo spinning sooner earlier than there’s ample stream to spin each – a intelligent, environment friendly approach of bettering response, with out throwing gas on the drawback (anti-lag anybody?)

The petrol engine and its corresponding electrical motor are then pushed by the identical kind of single-speed torque-converter transmission as debuted within the Regera, which depends on its electrical motors to offer thrust with far much less parasitic losses than a conventional transmission. The twist is that regardless of being mid-mounted, the combustion engine powers the entrance wheels, making the Gemera all-wheel drive. Collectively, these 4 completely different propulsion components hearth the Gemera to 62mph in 1.9sec, and Koenigsegg estimates it’ll brush the 250mph mark.

To suit all of this new tech, plus 4 full-sized seats into the package deal, Koenigsegg has designed an all-new carbonfibre chassis topped and tailed by aluminum subframes, from which double-wishbone suspension hangs. The dampers are adaptive, and have hydraulically-adjustable trip adjustment and a nostril raise.

The design relies round a wholly new proportion set, however the aesthetics are shared, with an identical wrap-around entrance display screen and aspect window. The large doorways additionally open upwards and outwards (Koenigsegg doesn’t do regular doorways) revealing an inside dominated by a brand new floating central infotainment show and sprint format, highlighting the low scuttle and prolonged inside house. 

Costs haven’t been specified as but, however like most, if not all Koenigseggs, the Gemera shall be nicely into seven figures. Prefer it has for a lot of its existence, Koenigsegg appears to be forging its personal path, one which actually doesn’t favour simplicity for simplicity’s sake.

1700bhp Koenigsegg Gemera four-seat GT proven at The Quail – Information by Automobilnews.eu


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